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How To Make Hangover Kits for Wedding Guests

by Emma Arendoski

Want to know how to make hangover kits for wedding guests? We’ll show you everything you need to make it happen! Plus, what hangover kit supplies go inside a bag if making your own, where to get hangover kit bags, and where to buy hangover kits with supplies. Be sure to join the list for the latest to your inbox.

I still laugh every time I see this wedding hangover kit I spotted at ClassyByCrissy. But did you die?! That’s what it reads on the front. Hilarious.

hangover kits for wedding

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I’ve seen it done over again, but it’s the OG hangover kit and my favorite one to date. :) If I had to choose the best hangover kits for weddings, THESE are the ones I’d buy for guests.

Sometimes it feels like you will, in fact, pass out or die in the morning after a night of fun shenanigans, whether it be at a bachelorette party or wedding reception when you partied too hard and you didn’t adequately prepare with a proper hangover kit. :)

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Or you didn’t hydrate. So important, amiright?!

That’s why we’re talking about the topic of hangover kits today! We’ll show you how to make a hangover kit for wedding guests or bachelorette party attendees. We’ll show you what to include in your hangover kit with supplies, where to buy hangover kit supplies in bulk, and how to make hangover kits (or bags) to give out as party favors.

We’ll also show you where to buy hangover kits fully assembled, yup — everything is assembled inside for your convenience. Let’s get started: we’ll kick off the fun with how to make diy hangover kits for wedding guests.

How to Make Hangover Kits for Wedding Guests

The good news is, if you’re making diy hangover kits, you only need a handful of hangover kit supplies and they’re fairly inexpensive. The other good news: your guests who receive your carefully-thought-out diy hangover kit will surely appreciate the items inside, especially when that headache starts in the AM.

We’ll also show you where to buy the best hangover kit for wedding guests that has most of the work done for you — the exterior! — so guests will be sure not to miss ’em when they’re leaving the party. After all, the only thing worse than a hangover is having had the change to get a hangover kit and forgetting to take one. Oof!

Let’s get started!

Hangover Kit Ideas

First, let’s get some ideas going. The first thing you need on your list of hangover kit supplies is a bag if you’re going to make your own hangover kits. NOTE: These hangover kit bags do NOT include any supplies — just the bags!

Muslin favor bags, aka cotton party favor bags like this, are always a good choice for a diy hangover kit. This is because the items fit nicely inside the pouch, it has a drawstring, and it can be stamped on the front to say anything your heart desires.

Plus, there’s the most fun and fashionable on the market, so if you’re not looking at hangover kit bags like these, wyd?! Just kidding. You can really put them in anything, but I highly recommend using bags like these and I honestly think they look the best, 100%. And they’re inexpensive to source, usually around $1 each or less.

Here are a few of the best hangover kit ideas for weddings we’ve seen yet. Of course, they can be used for bachelorette parties, too. :)

Hangovers Only Last a Day Wedding Hangover Kit

Yup, it’s true: hangovers only last a day! But those memories? A lifetime. That’s the summary of these cute hangover kits from ClassyByCrissy.

hangover kit supplies

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Hangover Kits for Wedding

LOVE THESE for Art Deco weddings! By Letjolt Store.

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I Regret Nothing Hangover Bag

Ha! Another great hangover kit bag from ClassyByChrissy.

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Oh Sh*T Hangover Kit

Sometimes you just gotta admit it: oh sh*t! You need a hangover kit and you need it now. This bag is a fun style and it is available at SwagBagsCo.

hangover kit for wedding guests

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Glitter Hangover Recovery Bags

These are stylish and fun! Guests won’t miss taking them especially if you display them just like this! Great as hangover kits for weddings, bachelorette parties, and more. By GracefulGreetingCo.

wedding hangover kits

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Hangover Relief Kit

This is one of the best hangover kits for weddings. I like the style of the printing on the outside: it really stands out! By PartyArtCommunity.

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Just In Case Hangover Kits for Wedding

These cute favor bags and stickers make charming take-home hangover kits for wedding guests. They say, “Just In Case”. Simple, sweet, and a perfect size for just a few must-have hangover supplies. By ClementineWeddings.

hangover kits for weddings

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In Sickness & In Health Wedding Hangover Favors

These charming favor bags are available at SweetThymes.

hangover kit for wedding

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Love Is The Best Medicine Hangover Kits

… “but this might help, too”. These hangover kit bags are so cute! By CustomAndThings.

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Bachelorette I Regret Nothing Bachelorette Hangover Kits

These are fun hangover kits for bachelorette parties! By PopFizzDesigns.

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What to Put Inside a Hangover Kit

Now that you know the perfect hangover bags to use for your kit favors, it’s time to fill ’em up. Here’s exactly what items to put inside a hangover kit.

Each hangover kit needs anything listed below. You don’t have to include all of these hangover kit supplies, these are merely suggestions. I would, however, strongly recommend the first three, absolutely. :)

– 1 packet of headache relief medicine
– 1 packet of stomach relief medicine
– 1 small bottle of water
– 1 indiviudally wrapped mint

Other ideas to include:

– 1 packet of electrolyte powder
instant coffee or tie the bag to a mini coffee
vitamin tablet
– 1 flosser
– 1 travel-sized makeup remover wipe
– 1 lip balm (buy in bulk here)
– 1 vial of eye drops (get a huge pack here for cheap)

And if you want to get fancy:

– 1 sleep mask (get them here in bulk)


– 1 eye puffiness gel patches (buy in bulk here)

Thankfully, you can buy all of the above hangover kit supplies for your DIY bags in bulk here. Use the links above to shop or click here for more options.

Hangover Kits with Supplies Included

Okay, now that you know what kind of DIY hangover bags you can make, it’s time to look at a few complete sets: hangover kit supplies, all included! That’s right, these hangover kits with supplies have everything you need all assembled. These products are conveniently placed inside for you to buy, display, and give out to guests as hangover relief at your wedding or party.

Complete Hangover Kit

This stylish hangover kit has a see-through bag and stylish writing on the outside; you can see what’s included in each bag here. These make giving hangover kit favors so much easier, without having to find all the individual products to put inside. No assembly! They’re by PinkMagnoliaDesignCo.

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Hangover Recovery Kit with Supplies

These kraft brown stand-up bags are great for giving as hangover favors at parties. They can be customized with the sticker of your choice to coordinate with the event; there’s a small see-through panel on the front to see what’s inside the bag. This kit comes with everything your hangover needs! See the full list of hangover kit supplies here. By FavorBagsAR.

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Also available in white kraft bags. These are ASSEMBLED hangover kits!

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And there you have it! It’s easy to make your own hangover kits for wedding guests. And it’s even easier to buy hangover kits with supplies inside! Which one will you choose?



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