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How to Include Maps in Wedding Invitations

by Emma Arendoski

Are you looking for maps for wedding invitations? What do you include on a wedding map? We’ll tell you! Join the list for the latest to your inbox.

This recent Ask Emmaline question came in from bride-to-be Michele who wants to know how to include a map in her wedding invites.

She writes,

“Hi Emmaline Bride! I was wondering how do you put a map on a wedding invitation? Do I need to add a map to my wedding invitations? And if so, what should be included in a wedding map and where can I get one made? Lots of questions, I know, but I really appreciate the help!”

maps for wedding invitations

by copper and confetti co.

Ah, maps: one of the catchiest songs ever made and, yes, a total must-have in your wedding invitations.

Sure, anyone can pull up a GPS and navigate these days, but it’s nice to have the map in your hand just in case.

Cell phone battery low?
No signal?
Planning a wedding “off the map”?
Want to follow proper etiquette?

These are all great reasons to have one and we’ll explain how to include a map in wedding invitation suites, along with what should be included on a wedding map.

Wedding Maps for Invitations

Okay, listen to this: wedding maps for invitations are trending more than ever before. This isn’t because people use mobile directions any less, but rather because of the ingenious designs we’re seeing that are true works of art!

Instead of a boring old printed map from a webpage, these unique wedding maps Etsy creators like Copper and Confetti Co. are whipping up in their studios are amazing.

These designs honestly make me think, why didn’t I think of that while planning my wedding?

I did include a map in our wedding invitations, but they were nothing like these beautiful wedding maps for invitations that are available at your fingertips these days. And they include everything you need on a wedding map.

What to Include on a Wedding Map

Here is what to include on wedding maps for invitations.

– Names
– Wedding Date
– Location of Wedding Ceremony and Reception (or the latter if it is a reception only wedding)
– Venue Address
– Any buildings or locations you want to be noted on the map
– Compass
Wedding website address (if applicable)

Map for Wedding Invitation Insert

You can use any type of map you’d like, but we’re loving the illustrated wedding maps that we’re seeing online. They can even be customized in your wedding colors to coordinate with your invitations. Most are a digital file, meaning you’ll purchase the design and then provide the details above for your custom map.

Once it is ready, you can print it at your local print shop or print here online to have them shipped to your door.

Wedding Map Illustration

Now that you know what goes on a wedding map, here are some lovely wedding map illustration samples to inspire yours! Make sure you print one extra for yourself; it’s a work of art, I say!

by copperandconfettico

To have an illustrated wedding map made for you, click here or visit the shop for details.

Love these maps! So cute!

Happy Planning!


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