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18 Best Reception Only Wedding Invitations

by Emma Arendoski

If you eloped and are planning a reception only wedding, here are the invitations and proper wording you’ll want to include! Check out our list of the best reception only wedding invitations plus etiquette for wording. Join the newsletter for the latest to your inbox!

Are you planning a big celebration with family and friends after eloping? Do you need reception only invitations for guests to know there is no ceremony, but a reception only? No problem! We’re here to share some fabulous options for reception only invitations so everyone is on the same page.

We’ll also guide you on proper reception only invitation etiquette so you get it right, without missing a thing.

Let’s get to it: you have a fun party to plan!

Reception Only Invitations for Weddings

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Due to COVID, many couples eloped on their wedding date, some even after postponing their original date. Now, many are planning a reception only wedding celebration to party with family and friends.

Sounds like a fun idea to us!

But the big questions are:

What is proper reception only invitation wording?


Where can I get wedding invitations for reception only?

After all, you don’t want to buy the entire wedding invitation suite JUST for the reception portion.

We’re here to help with tips on wording for reception only invites, along with beautiful designs to send invites to guests and celebrate your marriage. We hope you find an invitation that ties in perfectly with your style!

Wording Invitations for Reception Only

customized wine glasses

First things first: why do you need special invitation wording for reception only wedding plans?

This is because it is proper etiquette for guests to attend the ceremony and then the reception. If there is no ceremony, then obviously, there’s no need for guests to worry about etiquette and instead plan to attend your reception only wedding.

By properly wording your invitations for a reception only wedding, you’re ensuring guests understand the ceremony already happened so there is no confusion. Plus, they are not left wondering if they simply did not receive the ceremony information inside the envelope in error.

When you’re looking for wedding invitations for reception only, you’ll be emphasizing that you were already married but you’d like guests to celebrate with you.


Here are some reception only invitation wording samples and designs to showcase the proper reception only wedding etiquette for invites.

NOTE: Some of these invitations are digital files, so you print them at your favorite print shop. However, we also recommend this option for uploading and printing the design online so you can have it shipped to your door.

1. Reception Only Invitations

The wording of these wedding reception invitations are perfectly on-point:

“[Your Names] were married in a private ceremony in [location] on [date].
Please join us for a reception to celebrate the new couple”… with the necessary details.

There are other color combinations available here. By JoAnn Jinks.

by joann jinks

2. Floral Reception Only Invitation

This pretty reception only invitation mentions the hosts of the reception and invites guests to join in celebrating the marriage of the happy couple. By Susan Moyal.

by susan moyal

3. Newylweds, Check!

This informal reception only invitation for post wedding lets guests know you’re already married with a subtle “check” next to ‘Newlyweds’ as one of the essential ingredients to the perfect party. :) By Christine Garcia.

by christine garcia

4. I Do, Me Too — Now Let’s Party!

This fun and casual reception only reception invitation sums it up beautifully:

“On (date), ______ & _______ tied the knot. Join us for a reception…” and continues with the reception party date, time, and location. By AdorePaperCo.

by adore paper co.

5. I Do BBQ

If you’re planning a bbq themed wedding, this invitation is perfect. The wording is, “Please join us for an I Do BBQ celebrating the marriage of (your names) who were married on (date of your ceremony).” By NotedOccasions.

by noted occasions

6. Nothing Fancy, Just Love

These stylish invitations offer a minimalist style and proper reception only wording:

Your names, followed by: “Exchanged Vows on [Date]. Kindly Join Us for a Casual Reception”. By MintyPaperieShop.

by minty paperie shop

7. Reception Invitation

These invites are simple, yet elegant, with reception invitation wording of:

“Please Join Us for a Wedding Reception To Celebrate the Marriage Of…” with your names and the reception details. By Chryssi Tsoupanarias.

by chryssi tsoupanarias

8. Happily Ever After Party


Celebrate happily ever after with this post elopement wedding invitation. By Adore Paper Co.

by adore paper co.

9. Oh Yes, We Did!

A cute, casual wedding invitation with proper reception only wording etiquette:

“With Happy Hearts, [Couple’s Names] Were Married in a Private Ceremony on [Date].
We Invite You To Join Us To Celebrate!”

It is clear, concise, and to-the-point. By SimplySmittenDesigns.

by simply smitten designs

10. Wine & Brews After I Dos

Wondering how to word wedding invitations after eloping? For a casual, laid-back reception, try this style! It says:

“Join us for a Reception to Celebrate our Wedding”.

Fun rustic, low-key invitation by InstantInvitation.

by instant invitation

11. Tied The Knot

This perfectly minimalist invitation for reception only goes with everything! It is a fantastic reception invite after wedding vows have been exchanged. By RubiandLib.

For this reception only invitation wording, it is sweet and to-the-point:

“[Your Names] Exchanged Vows in a Private Ceremony.
Join Us For a Casual Party to Celebrate”

by rubi and lib

12. New Life Together

I love the reception invitation wording here: “Join us in celebrating our new life together as a married couple”. By Everett Paper Goods.

by everett paper goods

13. Eat, Drink, and Be Married

This invite has wording that reads, “Invite you to celebrate their recent marriage”. By Paper Muserie.

by paper muserie

14. Mountain

If you’re married and planning a reception only party with a mountain wedding theme, these invitations are perfect! By MintyPaperieShop.

by mintypaperieshop

15. Illustrated

Get your own custom-made illustration made on these sweet reception only invitations! You can also use this design to send electronic invitations vs. mailed ones. By SaveTheForest.

16. After the Wedding Celebration

A beautiful greenery-inspired reception only invitation with an easy explanation: “On [Date], [Couple] Were Married in a Ceremony Privately”. By PaperMuserie.

by papermuserie

17. We Just Couldn’t Wait

These invites are fun and honest! Great for couples who eloped and are planning a big celebration this year. By Teesha and Derrick.

by teeshaandderrick

18. Wedding Reception

And last but not least, here is a stylish boho-inspired style for reception only invitations. By ThePrintableShopDIY.

by the printable shop diy

Happy Planning!


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