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Memorial Candle for Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

How do you honor a deceased family member at your wedding? There are a few ways to do it outlined here; perhaps the sweetest way to do so is by lighting a candle, visible throughout the entire duration of your wedding day.

memorial candle for wedding

A memorial candle for wedding ceremonies and receptions can be placed on a ceremony table or reception table — even both if you wish. Lighting a candle throughout the day is a sweet way to honor anyone in your family and your spouse’s family who has passed.

Memorial Candle Holder

If you are looking for a memorial candle holder for your wedding, this is a beautiful one we found, handmade by Susabellas. It is made from earthenware clay and includes a message shown. If you wish to include a particular person’s name, you can do so on the inside along with a date (just include it in your message when you order it.

This holder makes a beautiful memorial candle for wedding celebrations, and it can also be enjoyed at home after the wedding. When you burn the candle, it glows from inside.

We think the memorial candle wording is so perfectly written here:

There are those who continue to light up

the world long after they have gone.

This memorial candle wording is printed on your holder.

The heart candle holder measures 3¾” Dia. x 4″ H and is made to look handmade and not perfectly smooth.

You can place an LED candle on the inside of this memorial candle holder or use a real flame candle (but make sure it is like this and extra-long burning). Of course, don’t leave it burning unattended, and be careful when handling the outside of the candle holder, as it may get hot from the flame.

Wedding Memorial Candle with Sign Listing Names

You may include a sign alongside the sympathy votive, listing the names if you wish. You can edit this template and include names of loved ones, how they are related to you, etc. Frame it and display it next to the sympathy votive at your wedding.

by visualising dreams

Where to Get a Sympathy Votive Candle

If you’d like one just like this, click here to shop. Susan is wonderful to work with so we know you’re in great hands!


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