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12 Coolest Non-Cheesy Groomsmen Gift Ideas

by Emma Arendoski

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If you’re tired of the same old groomsmen gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve seen it ALL and, to be honest, it’s time for a new fresh batch of groomsmen gifts for 2020! Do you agree? Groomsmen gifts are always changing and we’re here to share the most creative, unique, and non cheesy groomsmen gifts with you guys today. You’re going to love what we’ve found with functional gifts he’ll love to use.

Before we get started, here’s ONE rule when picking out non-cheesy groomsmen gifts:

The gifts do NOT need to say “groomsman” on them

If they do, it doesn’t automatically mean lame, but you don’t need to have the word emblazoned on everything to be given as a gift ;)

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Think outside the box

Groomsmen gifts like flasks and cufflinks have been done 1000x. And that’s OK. But if you’re looking for something that is unique, this list will help you out!

Your groomsmen will enjoy these gift ideas, won’t already own these cool presents, and they aren’t lame groomsmen gifts at all. (Thank goodness!)

Let’s get started!

Non Cheesy Groomsmen Gifts

1. Leather Dopp Kit, Personalized

Guys go on trips with a toothpaste tube and toothbrush, a t-shirt, and a few razors thrown to the bottom of their bag. Make it a little more organized and stylish with this leather dopp kit. It’s a refined gift he’ll be happy to have when it’s time to travel for work or fun. Engraved! By

by so good so wood

Also loving this kit by AddStyle:

via addstyle

2. Engraved Whiskey Glass, $15+

This cool groomsman whiskey glass features his name engraved on the side. By SwankyBadger.

customized wine glasses

buy here

3. Universal Socket Wrench, $19.99

Most guys love one thing: tools. If you’re ever wondering what to give as a gift to a guy — your dad, your husband, uncle, groomsman, whatever — tools are always a good idea. There’s a time when something needs to be fixed and it’s super lame to have to go and buy a new tool to fix it. If he has a great number of tools at hand, he can fix anything in a flash whether at home, at work, or for hobbies; this wrench is great for biking, too. Plus, guys just love new tools. This socket wrench is a great buy. By Hex.

via here

4. Yeti Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $24.99

This sturdy, camp-ready or work-ready travel mug will take any drink wherever he goes. Shown in stainless steel but available in other colors, too. Ships free with Prime. By YETI.


via here

6. Navy Groomsmen Duffel Bags, $39.99

These duffel bags are perfect as groomsmen gifts. They’re currently on sale, so snag ’em if you want them now. By Confetti Momma Party.

via here

7. Electric Razor, $199

This electric razor is a best-seller for good reason: it’s the classic go-to for men to get a close shave. Every dude can use a new electric razor at some point, so now is a good time to spoil him. By Braun.

via here

8. Tactical Pen, $25+

This tactical pen is the ultimate groomsmen gift and is perfect for outdoorsmen. It includes a flashlight, bottle opener, multi-tool, and more. By TFTakeFlight.

via here

Want a pen that is perfect for writing or jotting down his notes, adventures, and important business ventures? Sure thing! Try this pen (it’s a good one) or groomsmen pens we wrote about recently.

buy here

9. Unique Hand-painted Groomsmen Glasses, $32

These groomsmen glasses are hand-painted in his image and likeness! By Patinshs.

via here

10. Personalized Basketball, $24.95

A cool personalized ball for your favorite basketballer. By SportsBallWarehouse.

via here

11. Groomsman Watch, $84+

These amazing handmade groomsmen watches by Badger Watches are amazing! They’re handsome and functional; take a look at their entire collection here.

via here

Prefer a different style? This wood watch is a favorite of these non cheesy groomsmen gifts! See it here, $64.99.

via here

12. Glass Top Cigar Humidor, $39+

This handsome glass top humidor is personalized with his initials. Cool gift idea! By KustonProducts.

via here

Which of these unique groomsmen gifts is your favorite?

We think these are the best groomsmen gifts, but what do YOU think? Which one is your favorite?

Happy Planning!


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