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Sandalwood Fans for Wedding? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Ah, we love ultra-specific questions from brides who know exactly what they want! Bride-to-be, Brianna, wants to know where to get sandalwood fans for wedding guests to hold during her wedding ceremony. She writes,

“Hi Emmaline Bride! I’m looking for sandalwood fans for my August wedding. It is outdoors and I know it will be hot and humid. I’d like guests to be comfortable but I want the fans we pass out to them to be stylish. Any ideas where to get these wooden fans for my guests? Many thanks!”

Brianna, great question! Sandalwood fans are probably the best wooden fans wedding ceremonies swear by: they’re the most popular, easily the most stylish, and they fold up nicely making them a great take-home favor, too.

We did some digging because there are lots of wooden fans for weddings (the kind typically made with paper, like these gems), but we wanted to narrow it down you your specific request. You asked for sandalwood and, more specifically, sandalwood hand fan favors. Challenge accepted!

Sandalwood Hand Fans

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

This first option for sandalwood fans is one that I’ve been seeing pop up here and there for summer weddings lately. It’s a beautiful design; it folds up nicely, has positive reviews, and the quality is there (along with a fantastic price).

Whenever we’re looking to find something for our readers, we make an effort to read reviews and these are highly-rated. I wouldn’t send you to buy something I wouldn’t rave about to my own sister or mom, so we really take our recommendations to heart. :) For this style — by Beau-coup — we noted how one reviewer wishes she bought more after her son’s wedding because she uses it at home and now everyone wants one. That’s a positive review if I’ve ever heard one! :) That’s the good thing about these hand fan favors: they’re not just one use; guests can and will take them home to use again.

These sandalwood fans are sold in a quantity minimum of 6 and, if you order a high quantity, you can get them just over $1 each. These are unscented (did you even know some sandalwood has a strong smell? I did not!) and they measure 8″ long with a small white tassel. Cute! By .

sandalwood fans for wedding

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Sandalwood wedding fans are highly-rated because they’re more durable than paper. And when that hot summer heat kicks in during your ceremony, guests will really feel the relief with the fan motion, without having to wave them so hard! :)

If you’re looking for a personalized option, here are some intricately carved sandalwood fans we spotted at TreasureYourEvent. These are sold in a set of 25 each and have personalized labels to add to them for an extra-special touch.

sandalwood fans for wedding

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For another option, these sunflower sandalwood hand fans are a nice choice. They remind me of a sunflower themed wedding and go the extra mile in terms of detail. By WeddingParasols.

sandalwood fans for wedding

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These wooden wedding fans have a clear sticker label that can make your fans customized and chock-full of rustic charm, along with the sweet white tassel that hangs alongside it. You can order these in bulk sizes, too. By PBPaperie.

customized wine glasses

sandalwood fans for wedding

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And last but not least, these natural wood fan favors are engraved with your names and feature floral accents with matching colorful tassels. These are wildly popular right now and you can get them at MyWeddingKingdom.

sandalwood fans for wedding

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Hopefully, we’ve found the perfect sandalwood wedding fans for you here! Let us know and thanks so much for writing. I hope your ceremony is nice and warm, but not too hot, and that these fans come in handy! :)


Happy Planning!


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