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10 Sparkling Star Jewelry Pieces for Bright & Shining Gifts

by Emma Arendoski

If glittering star jewelry is one of your favorite styles, welcome: we may become BFFs here. :)

There are few styles as striking as the star jewelry over at Rustic Gem Jewelry: this collection is everything you’re dreaming of if astral jewelry is on your radar right now.

One of the unexpected and perhaps biggest earring trends of 2022 (well, not just for earrings, but necklaces, too) is star-inspired jewelry.

Is it because everyone’s gaga over celestial jewelry right now? Tarot cards? Constellations? Astrology? All of the above?!

It could be… or perhaps it’s because these stars make perfectly bright and shining gifts this season. Maybe you’ll even launch a New Year’s wish on one. :)

These stellar jewelry pieces are inspired by the starry night skies and will make you feel luminous and bright all year long. We’re sharing a few of our top picks from designer Rustic Gem Jewelry where Tracy and her fabulous team create handmade jewelry of all kinds, focusing today on life’s sparkling moments. These pieces are affordable, too, with an average price of around $29.

If you know someone who is into celestial everything from constellations to astrology, star and moon-inspired pieces, or even starry night weddings, you’ll find a beautiful gift idea on this list. If you find a piece you love, click the photo to shop or click here for the collection. Enjoy!

Star Jewelry from Rustic Gem

1. Labradorite Star Necklace, $32

2. Druzy Star Earrings, $31

These sparkly druzy earrings are available in many different colors, as you can see below. Light blue is my favorite! It reminds me of icy blue January. :)

3. Gemstone Star-Shaped Necklace, $29

This layering piece is a favorite to wear daily. Choose your favorite gemstone accent from tourmaline, amethyst, white howlite (shown below), or turquoise.

4. Star Hoop Earrings, $29

Ooh, I adore these dangling hoop earrings with labradorite star accents! Lovely.

5. Howlite Earrings, $28

This is my favorite pair of star earrings from the collection: I especially love the way the gold hoops look paired with the elegant white howlite stone.

6. Gold Star and Druzy Drop Earrings, $26

Ooh, sparkly! This fan-favorite is perfect for going seamlessly from day to night.

7. Gemstone Star Drop Earrings, $27

This pair of earrings in Amazonite — a pretty shade of aqua — is another favorite! You can choose these silver dangling earrings in Amazonite, Labradorite, Black Onyx, or Dalmation Jasper.

8. Moonstone Star Necklace, $29

Ooh, who doesn’t love a classic moonstone necklace? Love this one!

9. Layering Necklace, $29

This simple yet elegant layering necklace is perfect for everyday wear! Choose silver or gold tone.

10. Black Druzy Star Necklace, $32

And I saved the best for last! I love a sparkly druzy necklace and this black onyx style is beautiful!

To see more starry-inspired jewelry finds, click here! Rustic Gem Jewelry is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride. Visit their Website or Etsy Shop.

Happy Planning!


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