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Here Is EXACTLY Who Gets Invited to the Bridal Shower

by Emma Arendoski
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When you’re ready to plan parties leading up to the wedding day, many people wonder: who gets invited to the bridal shower? Should you keep it small or invite more people?

That depends on what the host decides after speaking with the couple. The final word on the number of guests is up to the host, as they are planning the party. (See: Who Is Supposed to Throw the Bridal Shower?)

A small bridal shower is nice and intimate; a larger wedding shower can be a fun and festive event.

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You can’t go wrong with either size of your celebration. However, it is important to know who is supposed to be invited to the bridal shower before you finalize that guest list.

To help, we’ll tell you exactly who to invite to the wedding shower.

Who Gets Invited to a Bridal Shower

Traditionally, here is who gets invited to the bridal shower.

Note: If you’re planning a bridal shower, you typically invite women to the shower. If you’re planning a couple’s shower, you typically invite everyone to the shower.

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1. Your Bridal Party

Invite bridesmaids, including the Maid of Honor, to your wedding shower.

It is not necessary to invite groomsmen to the shower (the Groom, of course, is invited).

2. Close Family Members

Any close family members are next on your list of who to invite to the shower.

3. Friends

Friends are included on your list of who gets a bridal shower invitation.

Do I Have To Invite Every Woman Invited to the Wedding?

No. You do not need to invite every woman to the shower just because she is invited to the wedding. However, if the shower is large in size, and space allows, it is a nice gesture.

Who To NOT Invite To a Bridal Shower

Who is NOT invited to the bridal shower? Anyone who is NOT invited to the wedding.

It’s as simple as that!

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Make sure when you send out bridal shower invitations to guests that every single recipient is also invited to the wedding. It is considered poor etiquette and tacky to invite anyone to the bridal shower who is not included on your wedding guest list.

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Should You Invite Someone To The Bridal Shower Who Is Not Coming To The Wedding?

According to etiquette, if a guest has already told you they cannot attend the wedding, it is OK to not invite them to the bridal shower. It really depends on your relationship with the person and if you think they’d like to be included. However, etiquette-wise, it looks more like a gift grab, so we recommend not extending an invitation.

Where To Buy Bridal Shower Invitations

Once you decide on your bridal shower guest list, start shopping for invitations to mail. You can shop unique bridal shower invites at Minted, like the designs shown in this article. There are many more designs to browse here.


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The invitations you send for the bridal shower don’t necessarily need to reflect the wedding, its colors, or its theme. Have fun with it! For more tips, read: 7 Things Every Bridal Shower Must Have (CHECKLIST).

Happy Planning!


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