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Beatles Wedding Cake Topper — #HANDMADEADAY

by Emma Arendoski

Good Morning, Emma here! I once attended a wedding where two incredibly sweet Beatles fans wed and they included Beatles-inspired finds everywhere. They had Beatles seating cards, their favorite songs on rotation, and they had table names — Beatles song titles — instead of numbers. They even had a rule where an entire table had to serenade the bride and groom to get them to kiss (instead of the traditional clanking of glass or ringing of bells). I loved it. So when I spotted this Beatles wedding cake topper with the iconic lyrics Here Comes the Sun, I immediately thought of Paula & Tim. And this cake topper isn’t limited to this song lyric alone — you can pick ANYTHING to top your cake. What would YOURS say?

Beatles Wedding Cake Topper

Beatles Wedding Cake Topper | https://emmalinebride.com/reception/beatles-wedding-cake-topper/

You can find out more here.

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