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Signature Drinks Sign — With Your Dog!

by Emma Arendoski
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This signature drinks sign with dog / cat is one of the coolest things we’ve seen for weddings this year! Make sure you subscribe now so you don’t miss other cool ideas coming up on the blog (including GIVEAWAYS!)

I’ve always been a dog and a cat person, but I’ve had cats for longer than I’ve had a puppy. Ruby has been such a blessing in our lives. Now I get why people are so obsessed with their dogs. I mean, people are obsessed with their cats, too, but it’s different.

You see, cats aren’t interested in giving you much of anything. Sure, purrs and love, but if they were asked to do something like serve up a signature cocktail, they’d laugh at you or yawn and go back to naptime. I read a quote the other day that said, “If cats could text you back… they wouldn’t.” And that is the truest thing ever.

But I sure do love ’em!

But a dog? (S)he’d suggest the best thing on the menu, make sure you had enough ice, and even add a swizzle stick. ;) If you have a dog, you know exactly how it is.

Since your dog probably can’t attend your wedding, do the next best thing: have your signature drinks sign made in his or her image! This one, for instance, is named “The Henry” after the couple’s dog. Guests step up to the bar and order “The Henry”, which in this case is a bourbon with vanilla stout, orange zest, and simple syrup.

Each signature drinks sign is handcrafted and designed in your dog’s image by Miss Design Berry Inc.. I totally love their illustrations. Let’s see… for Ruby, I think she’d be… I don’t know, a zesty IPA? A rose? Perhaps she’d be a strawberry margarita? The key here is to have fun with it and enjoy the wonderful drinks your guests will order in honor of your four-pawed friend.

signature drinks sign

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Perhaps you have two dogs, in which case, you obviously don’t want to leave one of them out. Problem solved: offer this signature drinks sign with TWO pups.

signature drinks sign with dog

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And last but not least, if you’re having an open bar, show ’em what you’ve got with ALL THE DRINKS and a little illustration of your dog.

signature drinks sign with dog

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Now, of course, you can have your cat on there instead of your dog. In my case, I’d need a sign featuring my three, and the drink suggestions they would probably pick, based on personality, are as follows.

Ruby (dog): ruby-red margarita, extra salt on the rim, fancy glass + an umbrella

Bruce (cat): old-fashioned in traditional glass, cigar on the side

Geppetto (cat): bourbon, neat — served alongside bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizers

If you know these three, this is pretty spot-on. :) What would YOUR pet signature drinks be? This sign is such a fun idea and I wish I knew of it for our wedding!

Signature Drinks Sign with Dog: Where to Buy It

Want one? Want to see more examples? Get yours at Miss Design Berry Inc. here.

So, tell me, what do you think Ruby’s signature drink suggestion would be?

Anyways… tell me your pet drinks! Your pets! Share pet pics!


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