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DIY Photo Guest Book with Advice Cards

by Emma Arendoski

The following DIY photo guest book is a fun reception activity for guests! Make sure you subscribe for the latest.

Here’s a guest book you’ll never want to put away: a DIY photo guest book with advice cards + instant camera photos! Here’s how it works: guests snap a photo with the instant camera, write in their best wishes or marriage tips on these advice cards, and place both on a blank page inside your scrapbook. It’s easy + fun! Here’s how to make one of your own!

DIY Photo Guest Book

First, you’ll need these super cool advice cards for newlyweds. We love the design on these!

DIY Photo Guest Book: 1 – Wedding Advice Cards

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Wedding advice cards for the newlyweds are a favorite item of ours at Cricket Printing. These cards are available in kraft or white card stock. Here are some examples of the cards you can get from the shop.

via here

via here

via here

The cards are 3-1/2″ x 5″ in size and the wording is printed in black on white card stock or recycled kraft card stock with natural flecks.

Three wording options to choose from:
– advice for the newlyweds
– wishes for the newlyweds
– advice and wishes for the newlyweds with prompts for guests to fill in the blanks

DIY Photo Guest Book: 2 – Instant Camera

Next, you’ll need an instant camera. One I really like is by Instax, shown here. The bright colorful shades are just part of the fun in these cameras (available in blue, hot pink, green, cobalt blue, and white).

With this camera, you’ll also need film. Buy enough film for each guest to snap twice, plus about 10 extra just in case. When you buy instant film, it is essential to buy in bulk to save money. You can try places like here for the best price on bulk film.

GOOD-TO-KNOW TIP: If you’d like, you can invite guests to snap a second photo to take home as their favor!

customized wine glasses

DIY Photo Guest Book: 3 – Wedding Guest Book / Scrapbook

You’ll need a large wedding guest book with nice big blank pages to insert the photos and the advice cards. We love the books at Claire Magnolia as one example; the bow is so pretty and the engraving on the cover is a nice touch!

by claire magnolia

by claire magnolia

Next, you’ll need just a few craft supplies.


DIY Photo Guest Book: 4 – Permanent Markers

These fine point markers are what I swear by for EVERYTHING. Get a pack of 12 and guests will never run out of ink. Plus, they won’t smudge and they dry ultra-fast. I use them daily, tbh.

Make sure you get the ultra fine point here.

DIY Photo Guest Book: 5 – Double-Sided Tape

Finally, provide double-sided tape for guests to easily place the cards and photos inside the book.

These are double-sided and permanent to paper. Plus, you get 1000 in a single box so it’s really cost-effective and easy for guests to use.

Get yours here.

DIY Photo Guest Book: 6 – Guest Book Sign

And last but not least… place a sign at the table so guests know what to do!

Something like this acrylic sign by Rich Design Co.:

by rich design co.

… or Sea Cove Studio will do!

by sea cove studio

Happy Planning!


P.S. What do you think of this modern guest book idea? Will you be including this at your wedding? Tell us below! ↓



Tracy Klemens February 28, 2019 - 2:21 pm

That is such a cute idea!!!

Emma Arendoski February 28, 2019 - 8:31 pm

Glad you liked it, Tracy! I only wish I knew of this when I got married! :)


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