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Table Number Mistakes to Avoid

by Emma Arendoski

Brides: if you’re ready to design or order your table numbers, don’t miss this post! Table numbers are pretty self-explanatory, right? Yes — but there are a few important details you may be missing. Read on to find out which table number mistakes to avoid after the jump!

Table Number Mistakes to Avoid (via EmmalineBride.com)

Table Number Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve identified the top four table number mistakes you’ll want to avoid. And they are…

Mistake #1: The table number is hard to find.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

If you can’t find the table number, what’s the point? Make sure yours is bold enough to stand out (without stealing the centerpiece’s show).

make it bold! (via Table Number Mistakes to Avoid)

Mistake #2: The table number falls over.

If your table number can’t stand up on its own, place it on an easel. If your table number is printed on paper, place in a in one of these. I also love these IKEA frames because they offer two sides so guests can see the table number from two directions. Here’s a visual of a wood table number placed in an easel to ensure it stays put on its own:

place in an easel (via Table Number Mistakes to Avoid)

If your wedding is outdoors, it’s especially important to ensure your table number stands up on its own (so a gusty breeze doesn’t blow it over).

Mistake #3: The table number doesn’t coordinate.

A standard table number is always okay to use, but if you pick one that totally goes against your theme, it just won’t look right. Instead, look for themed table numbers for your wedding. For instance, a vintage wedding might utilize a china plate with the table number written right on it, propped up on an easel.

Utilize your theme (via Table Number Mistakes to Avoid)

Rustic or woodland weddings can rely on wood table numbers.

wood table number wedding

customized wine glasses

Mistake #4: The table number is in the way.

When a table number is inserted into a centerpiece and blocks people across the table from you, it crushes conversation. Instead, keep table numbers short (table-top size), like this example:

wedding table number red wood threered three table number

Here are a few additional table numbers we spotted that fit the bill:


wood table numbers (via Table Number Mistakes to Avoid)

If you liked the table numbers seen here, you can find them at Company Forty Two, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace!

Which table number mistakes would you add to the list?

Happy Planning!


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