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7 Bow Ties and Suspenders That Match Your Colors

by Emma Arendoski

What will your handsome ring bearer wear down the aisle? For a spring or summer wedding, we recommend a white dress shirt, dress pants, a bow tie and suspenders. (Just make sure the bow tie fits — remember that story I told you?) Today we’re sharing some bow ties and suspenders that match your colors from Bow Tie Fun. There’s even unique patterns to suit your style, like this chevron bow tie. This shop has bow ties and suspender sets for every age from newborn to adult — so even your groomsmen can get outfitted here. There are so many chic combinations of colors to choose from — which one matches your wedding palette?

7 Handsome Bow Ties and Suspenders That Match Your Colors

1. Mint + Gray

mint and grey bowtie set

by bow tie fun

2. Coral + Tan

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

coral and tan bow tie set

by bow tie fun

3. Light Pink + Gray

light gray and light pink

by bow tie fun

4. Mustard Yellow + Tan

mustard yellow bow tie and khaki suspenders

by bow tie fun

5. Plaid Purple + Yellow with Gray

plaid bow tie and suspenders

by bow tie fun

6. Coral with Polka Dots + Gray

polka dot coral bow tie and gray suspenders

by bow tie fun

7. Teal + Tan

teal and tan bow tie and suspenders set

by bow tie fun

customized wine glasses

Which combination is your favorite? I love the teal and tan set. If I was planning a summer wedding, I’d likely choose teal as one of my colors (shown directly above). It’s so versatile!

You can find more combinations of bow ties and suspenders to match here.


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