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How to Handle Cell Phones at Weddings Like a Pro

by Emma Arendoski

Do you love your cell phone but cringe at the idea of someone using theirs at your wedding? Worried a ringtone will go off mid-ceremony or your photographer will be photo-blocked by instant uploads to Instagram? You’re not alone: we’ve received many emails from our readers on this very topic. Today, we’re showing you how to handle cell phones at weddings like a pro (you know, a calm collected Bride and not a Bridezilla). See how it’s done…

how to handle cell phones at weddings like a pro

Cell Phones at Weddings

First, what part irks you about cell phones at weddings? Is is the ringing of phones during your grand entrance? Is it the text alert during your vows? Or, is it the way guests like to lean in and take photos of you walking down the aisle in front of the photographer you’ve hired?

cell phones at weddings unpluggedvia weddingbee

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Whether you want cell phones silenced solely during the nuptials or turned off for the entire soiree, it’s your wedding — it’s up to you. As a word of caution, though: there is a nice way to do it and a cringe-worthy way to do it. I’ve heard and seen a few more cringe-worthy examples, which included (and, I kid you not) the following: a loudspeaker announcement made at the ceremony before the grand entrance BY THE BRIDE; a printed ‘no cell phones’ notation on the wedding program; and I’ve seen the flower girl carrying a sign that says ‘Turn off cell phones’ in lieu of tossing petals. Y

es, cell phones can be aggravating, but guests may be turned off by an overly direct (sometimes abrasive) approach… and, you don’t want technology to be a rule that has to be announced during your perfect day.

So, what to do? It’s easy — we recommend… a sign! Yes, a sign. Easy, silent, and parked cleverly at the entrance of your ceremony so no one misses it. This “Unplugged Ceremony” sign from Golden Silhouette is perfect.

by golden silhouette

Here are a few additional signs from Real Weddings we’ve featured in the past:

cell phones at weddings - sign examplesphotos: carolyn scott photography

Place on an easel or at your program table so guests can heed your advice. Guests will see the sign, turn off their cell phones, and will be reminded to be present and allow the photographer to take professional photographs that he or she was hired to do.

And Remember…

Don’t let cell phones ruin your day. If someone takes a snapshot, take it as flattery, not as an overt decision for someone to go against the grain. Your Uncle Henry might just want to share how lovely you look with your cousin across the country. It’s done out of love, not out of spite. If someone’s ringer goes off, ignore it. It happens. You can prepare, but these things sometimes happen. Take it in stride.

Hope it helps!


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Now it’s your turn…

What do you think of cell phones at weddings?

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