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When to Leave for Your Honeymoon? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, loves! To kick off this Friday, we have a new Ask Emmaline question: when to leave for your honeymoon? Bride-to-be, Bridgett, asks us this question:

“Hi Emmaline! I’m planning my August wedding and we’re taking a week-long honeymoon after the weekend. When should we leave for honeymoon travel: the day after the wedding (Sunday) or wait until during the week? Thanks so much for your advice.”

Hi Bridgett! Congratulations — and best wishes as you plan! Ah, when to go on your honeymoon: great question! The perfect time to leave for your honeymoon after the wedding is right away. Why wait? Depending on when you’d like your vacation to begin, or when you can get the best prices on airfare or travel, we recommend leaving on Sunday afternoon (sleep in a bit!) or first thing on Monday morning. This is of course if your wedding is local and you’re heading to an airport in your area.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, and you’re staying on the tropical island or cruise where you had your wedding, you’ll want to make your excursion first thing in the morning to your own spot. Likely, you’ll make plans to change resorts or hotels, travel to another side of the island, or start your honeymoon cruise right away.

Should You Feel Pressure to Stick Around? No! Once the wedding is over, head out as soon as you’d like on your honeymoon. You deserve relaxation more than ever and now is the time to get started!

Do You Have to Do Brunch the Next Morning? Nope! Brunch is something that began as a trend years after couples tied the knot and, no, it’s not mandatory by any means. If you and your new spouse decide you want to leave for your honeymoon the day after the wedding, do it! And don’t make any big plans the next morning; you’ll want to snooze after all that dancing!

When Should You Have Your Honeymoon Bag Packed? Before the wedding! A week before your big day, pick out a big bag to hold all of your honeymoon essentials for your carry-on — and pack luggage with everything you need for the trip.

Here’s a cute bag we found that would hold a TON of honeymoon essentials and will be easy to carry around town, wherever you decide to honeymoon! By Santa Barbara Design Studio.

via here

What else should you pack for your honeymoon? Read: Top 10 Honeymoon Gifts for Her.

We hope these tips help as you plan your honeymoon. Many thanks to Bridgett for writing!

P.S. Do YOU have a question for us? Ask Emmaline and we’ll swoop in to help!

Happy Planning!


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