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Where to Buy Baby Booties That Won’t Fall Off

by Emma Arendoski

Baby booties that stay on? A huge plus in my book! I found the baby booties that you’ll love (and your baby won’t mind wearing ’em either!) Finally, baby booties that won’t fall off. Phew. Find out more + join the baby newsletter for the latest.

by zutano

Hi, loves! As I excitedly await the arrival of our baby, I can’t help but look at baby booties. I love baby booties. I have a pair of these Zutano baby booties that I absolutely love and I cannot wait to get them out of my boys’ baby box and get them all washed and ready to wear. What is the big deal about baby booties? And these in particular? Well, for starters, my kids hated wearing baby socks.

To this day, she says, as she hears them running barefoot around the house, they still don’t love wearing socks.

And you know what? I’m not a huge sock fan either! So I guess it runs in the fam.

But when a baby doesn’t want to wear socks, you run into a problem because they keep pulling off their socks and then their feet are chilly. And I like to know they’re covered and staying warm especially during naps or nightly sleep. Finding baby booties that won’t fall off? Amazing.

TLDR: this is where to buy baby booties that will stay on baby’s feet and will make a great gift.

This is one of the best baby gifts you can buy. Period. If someone doesn’t already have a pair of ’em, I always buy baby booties that stay on (or similar, since these are also amazing) as a baby shower gift.

I like the grey pairs because they’re gender neutral. And they go with everything. If you already know what you’re having, blue or pink are also sweet pairs, or you can buy baby booties with patterns.

How do baby booties like these stay on baby’s feet? Easy! Snaps! Or hook-and-latch closures, which are available on the alternate brands like this one.

While you may think baby booties that won’t fall off are a bit pricey, the amount of use is definitely worth every penny. Peace of mind while baby is sleeping? Priceless. And if you have more children, you’ll be passing them on! They are durable and made to last. I’ve used the same pair for two kids and will be using the same for this baby, too.

Note: I’ve always used the ones for 0-12 mo, and my babies weren’t walking with them on, so those may wear quicker, just FYI. They can’t really do too much wear when they’re just kicking around in their crib. :)

Here are my favorite pairs and where to buy Zutano baby booties at great prices. Bonus: if you have a Prime account, these ship for free in 2 days! Yassss! (Don’t have Prime yet? Wyd? You can get it for free for 30 days here!)

This is the pair I have and I LOVE them:

Here are some other top picks:

They also have larger sizes now and even baby booties with grippers! Check out these from here:

To see more styles, colors, and patterns — and to buy Zutano baby booties — click here to shop!

And while you’re here, check out this adorable hat! It’s from the same brand. OMG, so cute. See more colors here.

Have fun!


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