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7 Best Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas That Will Arrive in Time

by Emma Arendoski

Looking for cute gifts for baby’s first Christmas? You’ll find them here! Read on to see the best suggestions from a Mom who knows. Sign up here to say in-the-know on our newsletter!

What do you get a baby for their first Christmas?

This is a question that is often asked by new parents, people with new nieces and nephews, and grandparents alike. You want to give a baby a gift to celebrate his or her 1st Christmas, but babies don’t really need a lot just yet, and if the baby is only a few months old, parents probably have more than enough.

However, everyone loves giving gifts (raises hand!) so I wanted to make a simple, clear-cut list of things that you can give as gifts for a baby’s first Christmas. Because, um, babies are the best, and giving gifts to new parents of a newborn or few-month-old baby is fun!

And who doesn’t love looking up baby toys and clothing?!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

As a mom who knows what is needed, what is not, and what can really come in handy as a gift for baby’s 1st Christmas, here’s my list of the top presents to give a baby as a gift at Christmas.

Remember: here’s the important thing, keep it simple! A small, inexpensive gift will do! This is just to have something for the baby to open — okay, for the parents to open while they pretend the baby is opening the gift, ha! — and as a little token of your love for your sweet little nugget.

Let’s get to the list!

NOTE: These gifts are all available RIGHT NOW, os you can still get them in time for Christmas delivery (especially if you use free 2-day shipping). Don’t have it? Enjoy 1 month FREE on us!)

Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

1. Essential Baby Gifts

First things first: if you know the parents could really use something for every day, buy those gifts first.

For instance, if a parent needs formula, buy formula.

Diapers? Send a box of ’em.

Wipes? Get them! There’s even a subscription box of diapers which makes a great gift if that is something you’re interested in.

Word of advice on diapers: it helps to know the kind of diapers the parent is using, as some babies are very sensitive to certain materials, and switching diapers can sometimes lead to diaper rash (but this seems to be the cure-all, thank goodness.)

via here

So, try some of these:

Diapers: find out the brand and size the baby is currently wearing

Formula: Same appies; find out the brand first, if you can! Same thing goes: most have a subscription (3 month, 6 month, etc.) or send one container

Wipes: You know the great thing about buying a ton of baby wipes? It doesn’t usually matter what brand (personally, look for something for sensitive skin and unscented, that is what I always swear by!) and you can NEVER have too many baby wipes. Sure, you can have too many diapers if baby suddenly grows out of them and can’t wear that size, or the material makes them break out into a rash, or you no longer need formula. But wipes? Wipes are used for diaper changes, to wipe hands, to wipe faces, to wipe down toys or handles or countertops, tables, and high chairs. Wipes are awesome and always great to have in plentiful supply. Just ask any mom, she probably has a pack of wipes in her diaper bag — and then in her purse, along with a snack. Ha!

via here

Gift card: a gift card for gas, groceries, or a date night out (even carryout at their favorite restaurant!) makes great gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

And if you thought that a gift card isn’t really for the baby, think again! Those parents need to be recharged, get fuel in that tank, food in the fridge, and a date night every once in a while! That is totally beneficial for the baby because parents will have a little less stress and be more relaxed for another day of go-go-go. :)

Okay, now that we covered the ESSENTIALS and basics, i.e. what parents really need as gifts for baby’s first Christmas, let’s talk about some fun gifts for the baby to open. Or pretend to open.

2. Baby Booties

Before you roll your eyes and think, baby already has baby booties, LISTEN UP! These are another gift that is disguised as a baby gift but is really beneficial to the parents. :) I know from experience.

One of my sons hated wearing socks as a baby, he would peel them off instantly and play with them. I always wanted him to keep his feet warm, but couldn’t figure out a way to keep those darn socks on.

Then I bought a pair of these baby booties that are designed to be cozy on baby’s feet, but they also have a secret weapon: they can’t come off easily! Babies can’t unsnap or un-latch them (well, I suppose if they have hulk-like strength) and they keep feet cozy. Plus, they’re cute.

I like two different types:

Snap baby booties: These baby booties have a snap, so they stay put. By Zutano. My advice: size UP. You can still put these on snugly if they’re a bit big but too small? Forget about it! ;)

There are MANY colors and patterns to choose from!

Hook-and-latch baby booties: These have a hook-and-latch style closure. These are adorable, too! Made with cozy fleece. By Luvable Friends. Tons of great reviews here.

by luvablefriends

Similarly, there are many colors from which to choose:

Also loving these buffalo plaid sherpa booties from Hudson Baby:

by hudson baby

3. Baby’s First Christmas Rudolph Teether

This fun teether toy can snap onto the car seat, high chair, etc. (especially if you use one of these) and is fun to play with! It also makes a cute prop for those baby photos. It plays a song and lights up, too! By KidsPreferred.

by kids preferred

Prefer a larger plush? You’ve got it! This adorable Rudolph is another cute gift idea and it is from the same shop:

by kidspreferred

4. Christmas Baby Pajamas

These sleep-and-play pajamas are always a favorite of mine. Babies can sleep cozily in them and play, um, hence the name. :) They are great for wintertime and, hey, who can’t use a few more baby pajamas? Especially cute Santa-themed ones like these as a gift for baby’s first Christmas! By Simple Joys by Carters.

by carters

5. Giant Baby Swaddle Blanket

Raise your hand if you love sherpa! I’m raising my hand because I love a snuggly sherpa blanket. This adorable open-style blanket is great for naps, stroller rides, and more. By XMWealthy.

via here

6. Tummy Time Play Mat

This is a gift that new parents love since they probably don’t have one, it has rave reviews, and when tummy time comes, they’ll be happy to have an entertaining mat for babies to play on. My kids both hated tummy time at first, so the trick is really figuring out something that entertains them while they’re getting used to the new view. This is something I would definitely have loved to have, but I didn’t know it existed! By Magifire.

by magifire

8. Hooded Baby Towel

Make bathtime more fun, since getting out of the warm water is so much better when they can snuggle in a cute baby towel! This one by San Francisco Baby Store is highly-rated.

There are other styles available:

In addition, I recommend baby bath! I can never seem to have enough baby bath and I run through the stuff like crazy.

This is my go-to:

by johnson’s

7. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Okay, okay, most people will buy the baby a 1st Christmas ornament, so I’m leaving it last. That doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing gift, but there will probably be a few that baby receives (which is really no big deal). But also, parents will probably pick out a Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament themselves, so pick one that you think is cute and know they might have a few of them! We found these 1st Christmas ornaments, but here are a few more suggestions.

I think this ornament by Lenox is adorable!

by lenox

Precious Moments is always a cute choice:

by precious moments

And I love this idea: a handprint baby ornament the parents can make themselves! This makes a great gift for baby’s 1st Christmas. By BabyMushroom.

by baby mushroom

And there you have it: the best gifts for baby’s first Christmas, by a mom who knows! What is your favorite gift on this list? What would YOU add? I’d love to hear your baby Christmas gift suggestions! Leave them in the comment box below.

Happy Christmas-gifting!


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