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Cute Flats for Bridesmaids

by Emma Arendoski

Loves, I have a serious obsession with flats. I adore heels like the next girl, but my feet are so much happier in a comfortable pair of (stylish) flats.  And at 5’11”, I don’t really need/want the extra height all the time (because in my favorite pair, I’m easily 6’2″ and rockin’ it). With two kids in tow — ages 3 and 1 — I can’t chase after them as quickly in heels, so flats is pretty much a daily necessity. ;)

If your bridesmaids aren’t keen on wearing heels, they struggle wearing them down the aisle and worry about, you know, falling over, or you think they’ll be happier in comfortable shoes, you’ll love today’s post.  We’ve rounded up ten pairs of the cutest, most stylish bridesmaid flats your girls will adore from The Dessy Group.  And that’s not all… I’m sharing my top pick for a pair of flats I own myself and looooove.

These flats make great gifts for your girls, as they can easily (+ happily!) wear them again and again.  Plus, they don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you still have a little moolah left over for some of these.   Or if you just want your bridesmaids these cute bridesmaid flats will give them a launching pad for some suitable shoe suggestions.

Also… ALL of these flats are also available in ivory or white, so you can wear a pair for your wedding day, if you’d like! You can see the full collection of flats for bridesmaids / brides here.

Which pair of flats is your fave?

Bridesmaid Flats

Satin peep toe bridesmaid flats

These bridesmaid flats are available in eight colors, but I especially love ’em in “frost” (grey).  $36, by The Dessy Group. Buy here.

via dessy
Simple satin ballet bridesmaid flats

These rounded toe ballet flats are perfect for bridesmaids! Available in thirteen awesome colors.  Here are a few of my favorites!


via dessy


via dessy
Ultra Violet

via dessy
Suede Rose

via dessy

via dessy
In matte satin. $33, by The Dessy Group. Buy here.

Chelsea pointed toe bridesmaid flats

I adore these pointed toe flats in Tiffany satin! I especially like the “Lola Red” shown below.

via dessy
These bridesmaid flats are available in eight colors and they’re all so beautiful.  Here are my top picks.


via dessy

via dessy
Ocean Blue

via dessy

Pewter via dessy
Wild Berry

via dessy

Black via dessy

Hampton Green via dessy
$31, by The Dessy Group. Buy here.

4. Bridesmaid flats in black lace

I have a pair of these and LOVE them! As it says in the description, they run a bit small so order one size up. I did and they fit like a dream. I have ’em in black lace:


via dessy

So, tell me:  which bridesmaid flats do you love? They’re not too wedding-y, so you can definitely pair them with jeans or flats. I wear my pointed toe flats all the time.  You can find more shoes to love here.

Happy Planning!



P.S. Dessy sent us a pair to review in exchange for this post. I wholeheartedly adore my lace ballet flats in black (and if I didn’t, I’d flat out tell you!) They’re super comfy and don’t hurt my feet, which is unique for pointed toe flats!

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