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3 Best Tips for Ribbon Wand Send-Offs

by Emma Arendoski

Every bride wants to make a memorable grand entrance, but few know the impact of a beautiful grand exit! Today we’re talking about one of our favorite wedding send-offs: the ribbon wand exit. But first, did you know that some wedding venues are skipping the traditional wedding ceremony toss (i.e rice, petals, confetti, lavender, etc.) at ceremonies? This is because 1) they can create a hazard and 2) anything you toss will create a big mess. Venues were beginning to realize that couples exited the ceremony while guests happily threw confetti / glitter / lavender / rice / streamers / silly string at them. Then everyone went on their merry way to the reception. No one was cleaning it up, so some venues now prohibit it altogether. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something totally memorable for your grand exit, and that’s where ribbon wands come in! Read on about this fun idea including where to buy ribbon wands for weddings from Lukin For Love. Enjoy!

Ribbon Wand Exit

To make your ribbon send off as memorable as possible, here are a few easy tips to follow.

Have your ribbon wands ready.

The ceremony is going to go by in a flash, so there isn’t a lot of time to pass out ribbon wands to guests post ceremony.

You’ll want them ready to go; place the ribbon wands in a tall glass vase or in a basket with signage to encourage guests to take one. This can go on the same table as your programs; if ushers are distributing programs, include a ribbon wand with each to make it even easier.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Love this sign for your ribbon wands (by Rich Design Co):

via here

Choose wands in your wedding colors.

Your ribbon send-off / wedding recessional will look best if the colors coordinate with your decor. We found a great source for ribbon wands — The Bride’s Made Shop — which are handmade and can include bells, lace, wide ribbon, narrow ribbon, different color combinations, and more. In a word, these are totally custom. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite color combinations to show as examples below, but this is just a fraction of the wands available in the shop, so be sure to check it out!

Make sure you order enough!

This idea works best when many people participate; encourage participation by providing enough ribbon wands for each guest (or at least 85% of guests in attendance as a good rule of thumb).

Other points to consider:

Take the photo right after the ceremony.

Your grand exit photo should be as authentic as possible — you don’t want it to look staged! So, don’t wait: put your grand exit as a must-have wedding photo on your photographer’s list so they’re ready to capture the moment you’re walking down the aisle — officially! — as newlyweds.

Walk slowly.

The ceremony just ended, so you’re obviously relieved of any stress and eager to get out the door to the reception; however, don’t rush the walk! Take your time walking down the aisle, smile, and savor the moment. This will also give your photographer ample time to snap a few different shots. Walk too fast here and you’ll miss it1

customized wine glasses

I hope these tips will help for your own wedding send-off! If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments area below! ↓ You can shop ribbon wands at The Bride’s Made Shop or Lukin For Love, both excellent sources.

Happy Planning!


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