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12 Best Usher Gifts for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski
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Hi, loves! Today we’re talking about usher gifts. Have you picked out what you’ll give as gifts for your ushers yet? If not, we’re here to help! But first… if you haven’t picked out ushers for your ceremony yet, now is a great time to cross it off of the checklist.

usher gifts

by scissormill

A wedding usher is a person elected by the bride and groom to escort guests to seats at the ceremony. (While there isn’t a specific age or gender for an usher — any gender, any age is suitable! — most wedding ushers are typically male aged 14 and up.) Ushers are responsible for making sure guests are seated in the proper areas, as well as making sure close family members are seated in the appropriate reserved seating areas.

It is helpful to have at least two ushers at your wedding (four if your guest list exceeds 150) to make the seating process go smoothly. Ushers can help guests find places to hang coats (in fall/winter), assist the bride and groom with checking last-minute decorations, and escort grandparents or parents down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony if needed. Wedding ushers are also responsible for passing out ceremony programs to guests (if applicable).

Ushers are tasked with so many things; it’s no wonder you’ll want to show your appreciation with a gift of thanks on the wedding day. Many couples wonder what to give as usher gifts, and it’s not very different than groomsman gifts, to be honest. An usher gift is smaller than a groomsman gift, and you can expect to spend approximately $15 to $40 for individual usher gifts.

If wondering what usher gifts are in high-demand and appropriate for gift-giving, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up twelve amazing gift ideas your ushers will love. We’re sharing eight handpicked usher gifts for ushers aged 16 and up, along with four additional picks for the 21 and over crowd. We think you’re going to love what we’ve found. On to the list!

Usher Gifts for Weddings

Let’s kick off the list with a few gentleman must-haves, like cuff links, tie bars, and collar stays. These items are nice to have, and men of all ages could use these accessories for the big day — and beyond.

1. These personalized cuff links

Personalized cuff links are at the top of our top usher gifts list. Why? Because a solid pair of cuff links is always a good idea — especially when they’re personalized and handmade by this amazing artist. Spotted at Tesoro Jewelry.

usher gifts

by tesoro jewelry

2. This hand-stamped tie bar

Another favorite in our ushers gifts list? A tie bar / tie clip! It keeps his tie in place. Every dude needs one and Andrew swears by his. This one was spotted at the beautiful Georgie Designs.

usher gifts

by georgie designs

3. These collar stays

Collar stays keep collared shirts looking sharp; it keeps the points of their collars, well, on point. ;) These personalized collar stays can be engraved with his initials, monogram, or a personal message. By C and T Custom Lures.

usher gifts

by c and t custom lures

These next usher gifts are nice to have: a pocket knife with his name engraved, a handsome leather wallet, coffee mug with a fun caricature, and a leather travel bag for his toiletries. To round out the list, we’ve found a leather Yeti wrap (engraved!) he can take with his coffee, tea, or favorite soda anywhere he travels.

4. This engraved pocket knife

By MRC Wood Products.

usher gifts

by mrc wood products

5. This hand-sewn leather wallet

This is a truly remarkable wallet. By Lifetime Leather Co.

usher gifts

by lifetime leather co.

6. This custom caricature coffee mug

These coffee mugs are seriously fun! You send his photo and they turn it into a fun cartoonish version. This mug is definitely a keeper. By Tooned Up Gifts.

usher gifts

by tooned up gifts

7. This monogrammed leather dopp kit

A place to store all his toiletries! And these leather bags are so beautifully made. By Lifetime Leather Co.

usher gifts

by lifetime leather co.

8. This leather Yeti sleeve

It is personalized with his monogram on one side. Great for guys who travel everywhere with a Yeti! P.S. If he doesn’t have a Yeti yet, throw one in as part of his usher gifts. The Yeti is pretty much the king of travel mugs; they’re awesome. These leather Yeti sleeves take it up a notch! By Holtz Leather.

usher gifts

by holtz leather

usher gifts

by holtz leather

These next usher gifts are intended for gift recipients aged 21 and up. We’ve found a personalized usher pint glass, a cool swing-top glass flask, bottle openers, and can-inspired glassware.

9. This usher pint glass

An awesome addition to his glassware collection, totally customized. By ScissorMill.

usher gifts

by scissormill

10. This swing-top glass flask

Yours can be customized to say “Usher”. These glass flasks are cool for everyone in your wedding party — groomsmen, too! Also by ScissorMill.

usher gifts

by scissormill

11. These wooden bottle openers

These are a simple, yet beautifully made (and functional) tool. By Teals Prairie.

usher gifts

by teals prairie

12. This set of soda or beer can drinking glasses

These are so cool and look like soda or beer cans! Plus, they’re personalized with his last name! Neat idea. By ScissorMill.

usher gifts

by scissormill

And there you have it: twelve very awesome usher gifts for weddings! We hope these helped check another to-do off of your list!

Discuss: What do you think of these usher gifts?

What do you think of these gifts for ushers? What are you giving your ushers as gifts?

Happy Planning!


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