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These Ribbon Wands are Awesome for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

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You’ve probably heard about ribbon wands for weddings, whether in ceremony send-offs or grand exits for receptions. We’ve seen many ribbon wands in big box chains, on Pinterest, and in magazines. But we’ve found the ribbon wands that everyone wants for weddings and it’s clear to see why. Read on to find out why the ribbon wands at Lukin For Love are the best for weddings…

Ribbon Wands for Weddings

The wands from Lukin For Love se are the most beautiful ribbon wands for weddings we’ve ever seen! Not only do ribbon wands look pretty, but they’re venue-approved. Did you know some venues prohibit the tossing of confetti, rice, and other messy things? It’s true. (In fact, our wedding venue prohibited anything tossed at all, and at the time I didn’t even know about ribbon wands for weddings.) Not only are things tossed extremely messy to clean up, but many of them pose a slipping hazard for guests, so venues prohibit them altogether.

But ribbon wands? Ribbon wands are always given the green light! But not all ribbon wands are created equally. Here’s what makes these ribbon wands from Lukin for Love even better.

For starters, the ribbon wands for weddings & special events from Lukin For Love are all individually handmade. What does this mean for you? Two things: better quality and better photos. Since the wands are handcrafted and built to last, they won’t unravel or slip off when waved, so your photographer can capture them at the perfect moment.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

With these ribbon wands, customization is the name of the game: you can request exactly which colors you want to include on your wands to coordinate beautifully with your decor. Each ribbon wand features three ribbons, so you’ll have a total color explosion when guests wave them during your grand exit.

And the best part: NO CLEAN-UP! All you have to do is collect the wands and head out to your reception. That’s so much easier than the broom and dustpan used when confetti and rice are tossed; and seriously, it’s nearly impossible to sweep it all up quickly.

Wait until your guests get a hold of these ribbon wands — they’ll make your grand exit extra awesome. If you’d like, flower girls can twirl ribbon wands down the aisle instead of tossing petals.

by lukin for love

by lukin for love

by lukin for love

by lukin for love

by lukin for love

by lukin for love

Here’s a visual of how ribbon wands look during a grand exit:

photo: jessica nadine photography

customized wine glasses

photo: woodnote photography

Pretty cool, right? Go get your ribbon wands here! Amy is amazing to work with, so we know you’re in good hands. She is a Featured Artist in The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride.

Happy Planning!




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