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Where to Buy Wedding Confetti Bags

by Emma Arendoski

Happy Monday, loves! We hope you had a great weekend. We’re kicking off the brand new week with an Ask Emmaline wedding question from bride-to-be, Maddy. She wants to know what to use for tossing after the ceremony and where to buy wedding confetti bags. She asks,

“Hi Emmaline, I want to know where to buy wedding confetti bags. I am getting married in July and I’m not sure if I’m too late to order them. What should I look for when buying wedding confetti? Thanks!”

Where to Buy Wedding Confetti

Hey, Maddy! Great question. First, wedding confetti is a great option for tossing after the ceremony. As long as your venue permits tossing wedding confetti (and you have figured out who will help you clean up the mess afterward), you can toss paper confetti, lavender buds, dried flower petals, faux petals, etc. Rice is still tossed, but many couples opt for birdseed instead as it is an actual food that birds can enjoy (rice = not so good). Now, on to where to buy wedding confetti. There are many places you can buy it online, especially because it’s a hot item right now. Most specifically trending, though, are wedding confetti bags with personalization. Here’s an example we spotted at Cricket Printing to show you:

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

where to buy wedding confetti

by cricket printing

These wedding confetti bags are lovingly handmade just for you. Each packet contains white or recycled brown kraft paper card stock with your names and wedding date on it. Card also includes the wording, “Please toss at the happy couple” so guests know to use them right after the ceremony. These wedding confetti bags are clear so guests can see the dried lavender buds or dried rose petals inside. This confetti is eco-friendly — and the lavender is very fragrant. P.S. I don’t think you’re too late – March still gives you plenty of time. You’ll probably want to order your wedding confetti by late-April, though, just to be sure.


by cricket printing

These look so lovely! And they’ll coordinate with any wedding theme.

Ready to get your wedding confetti? Head over to Cricket Printing! Brittany, owner and designer, is amazing to work with (and super-friendly) so we know you’ll have fun ordering with her.

Happy Planning! There’s more coming up next, so stay tuned! Even better — subscribe so you don’t miss it.


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