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9 Creative Alternatives to Printed Wedding Programs

by Emma Arendoski
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Did you know couples are opting for more eco-friendly options? And did you know that guests hold a program in their hands for, like, ten minutes? That, in itself, is one reason why couples are choosing alternatives to printed wedding programs as one way to cut the clutter or save paper, money, and time.

For such a short number of minutes during the ceremony, everyone is wondering… why so much paper? And why do you need to analyze the size of your ceremony programs and figure out how many you need? And tie ribbons? Set them up, pass them out, collect them afterward? Who has time for all of that? ;)

I kid, but really… but there’s an easier way if you’re up for it! And if you like this twist, you’re going to love this sign vs. all the fuss of a printed paper program.

wedding program sign

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Alternatives to Printed Wedding Programs

Not only are you eliminating more paper waste with these alternatives to printed wedding programs, but you’re also adding a cool decorative sign to your wedding.

And in addition, you’re saving money. The cost of printed programs is much more than a program sign, even if you add the easel.

That’s a win-win.

After the ceremony, no one has to run around and collect the paper programs that guests accidentally left behind.

Another win!

We can’t tell you whether a printed program or a sign is better for you since the answer is different for everyone. The style is different, and maybe you have your heart set on a program design you’ve already spotted.

Regardless of which option you choose, a program of some kind is essential to have. Guests like to see the order of your ceremony, the wedding party attendant names and titles, and fun details about you as a couple (and probably what time the cocktail/appetizers are set to roll out, as everyone’s starting to get hungry by now!)

Also, whether you choose printed programs or a wedding sign alternative, be sure yours includes these essential things in your program.

We found a couple to inspire you; choose a style that coordinates with your wedding theme and decor. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite; which one do YOU love most?

1. Wood ceremony program sign, $52

This wooden sign is beautifully hand-lettered by SweetNCCollective.

ceremony program sign

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2. Chalkboard printed program alternative, $68+

This is a lovely alternative to a printed program! By AlongTheLinesDesign.

wedding program sign

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3. Acrylic wedding ceremony sign, $62+

This program is turned into a lucite / clear plastic sign gem thanks to the lovely penmanship of Paper and Pine Co., photo credit: E Bea Photography.

wedding program sign

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wedding program sign

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4. Fun infographic program alternative, $30+

You know how much we love a good infographic ceremony program! Now you can turn it into a cool poster-sized marvel for guests to read before taking their seats. It saves time, money, paper, everything! It’s really cute + personalized for you by PuffPaperCo.

alternatives to printed wedding programs #infographic #weddingprogram

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5. Bridal party portrait sign, $55+

While this isn’t necessarily a program alternative, but it is a super-cute way to show off your wedding party attendants to your guests! How charming is this sign by FreckledFoxPrints?

wedding program sign

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6. Simple elegant poster style program sign, $8+

This print-yourself sign is easy to customize, edit, and print. Display on an easel at your wedding as a great alternative to printed programs. By PlusOneStyle.

alternatives to printed wedding programs

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7. Wedding program poster, $24.65

This affordable program poster is another great option. It prints on matte poster paper that measures 24′ x 36′. By Karma K. Weddings.

wedding program sign

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8. Order of Events sign

Another lovely option we found: a sign outlining the events for the entire day! It’s a great way to let your guests know what’s coming up next. It also acts as a great replacement for a sparkler exit sign, if you were planning one, since you can include it within the sign listed here. We spotted it at 1801andco.

wedding program sign

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Wedding Program Alternatives

You can buy any of these printed program alternatives via the links above. Just click on a photo of the sign you like and you’ll be forwarded to the shop for pricing, details, and/or to buy your sign.

If you need an easel to display your program sign, this is a cheap option available on Amazon. It’s very lightweight, too!

P.S. If printed programs are more your jam, there’s no shame in your game! Do your wedding your way. I used them myself, so I hear you; although these signs were not available then, and I really like the trend. You can browse programs here if that’s more your style. If you still want an eco-friendly option, only print this many and choose a design like this that prints on only one page each to save money and paper.

P.S.S. If you want a keepsake of your program, check out this custom ceremony program handkerchief!

Happy Planning!


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