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50 Best (+ Cheap!) Mason Jar Ideas

by Emma Arendoski


Do you love mason jars? Are you looking for the best, most creative mason jar ideas for your handmade wedding, home, or just because? You’ve come to the right place! In the past, we’ve talked about mason jar escort cards, smores in a jar, mason jar gift ideas — even mason jar mistakes to avoid. Today, though, we’re bringing forth an entirely new batch of mason jar ideas + inspiration from all across the web. Many of these ideas are DIY projects, while others are handmade by talented artisans across the globe. Some mason jar ideas are taken from Real Weddings to inspire your own perfect wedding day look with a homespun, mason-jar-inspired charm. So, go ahead and order a set of mason jars (these are my favorite — but they’re limited edition!) because after seeing this list you’re going to want to get right to work. So, without further adieu, read on to see which mason jar ideas made the list. Which one will you create?

mason jar ideas - mason jar drinking glasses with handles (photo by Anne Skidmore)

photo: anne skidmore

50 Best (+ Cheap!) Mason Jar Ideas

1. Mason Jar Drinking Glasses with Handles

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Give guests a drinking glass right off the bat with mug-style mason jars! These mason jars with handles are easy to dress up: just add a tag + a bit of twine. Guests can sign their names on a simple tag so they know which one is theirs throughout the reception.

Beautiful image above and below by Anne Skidmore Photography.

mason jar ideas - mason jar with handles (photo by Anne Skidmore)

photo: anne skidmore
2. Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar

I LOVE these! Make rainbow cupcakes in a jar (+ add a wooden fork to each one) with this clever DIY spotted at Just Easy Recipes.

mason jar ideas - rainbow cupcakes in a jar via Just Easy Recipes

3. Shabby Chic Painted Mason Jars

I adore the beautiful beach-inspired shabby chic painted mason jars over at Beach Blues. Missy is amazing! Get yours here.

mason jar ideas - shabby chic painted mason jars by Beach Blues

4. DIY Mason Jar Votives

Filled with fun fabric? Yes, please! Get the DIY by Fellow Fellow here.

customized wine glasses

mason jar ideas - fabric filled mason jar votives by Fellow Fellow

5. DIY Bookpage Mason Jars

Create luminary jars with newspapers, pages from old books, and twine. Spotted at Arrow & Apple.

mason jar ideas - bookpage jars by Arrow and Apple


6. DIY Mason Jar Tumbler Lids

Learn how to make your own mason jar tumbler lids thanks to this clever DIY in only three steps! By Kristan Lynn.

mason jar ideas - mason jar tumbler lids via Kristan Lynn

7. Key Lime Pie in a Jar

Key lime + pie + mason jar? Um, yes please! By Kitchen Treaty.

mason jar ideas - key lime pie in a jar via Kitchen Treaty

8. Decorative DIY Mason Jar Lid

What a fun idea for a jar of honey! You can make decorative DIY mason jar lids using these busy bee charms, canning jars and a few other supplies from this clever DIY.

mason jar ideas - diy decorative mason jar lids via Vintaj

9. Use Cupcake Liners as Mason Jar Covers

Take a cue from Martha Stewart and cover your lids with cute cupcake liners + twine! Spotted here. Just add cute wrappers + twine!

mason jar ideas - cupcake wrapper lid toppers via Martha Stewart

mason jar ideas - green polka dot cupcake wrappers

10. Peppered Pineapple Jam in a Jar

YUM! Handmade + packaged in cute paper. By LA Farm Girl.

mason jar ideas - peppered pinapple jam by LA Farm Girl
mason jar ideas - peppered pinapple jam by LA Farm Girl

11. DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jars

Did you know you can turn mason jars into mercury glass? Just add mercury glass spray paint! You can turn anything into mercury glass. I’m going to have to give this one a try! Via Katie’s Rose Cottage Blog.

mason jar ideas - diy mercury glass mason jar by Katie's Rose Cottage Blog

12. Moroccan Inspired Mason Jar Lanterns

Light up the night with these Moroccan inspired mason jar lanterns! By LITdecor.

mason jar ideas - handpainted mason jar by LITdecor

13. DIY FREE Printable Lid Covers

We love free printables! Check out these DIY free printable lid covers via The Pretty Blog (crafted for TPB by Sam of Elephant Shoe Love).

mason jar ideas - diy free printable mason jar lids via The Pretty Blog by Sam of Elephant Shoe Love

14. DIY Mason Jar Terrariums

We love these nauture-inspired DIY mason jar terrariums spotted here. What a cute idea for reception decor!

mason jar ideas - diy mason jar terrarium via Brittany and Dylan

15. DIY Mason Jar Candles for Under 2 Bucks Each


Why spend a ton on candles when you can make ’em yourself? These DIY mason jar candles are designed to burn for around 50 hours and are UNDER two dollars each. Amazing. By Teotwawki Blog.

mason jar ideas - diy mason jar candles via Teotwawki Blog

16. Mason Jar Lantern Light Strand

Pretty! By Treasure Again.

mason jar ideas - mason jar light strands via Treasure Again

17. Solar Lamp Mason Jars

Turn ’em into solar mason jar lamps! By Treasure Again.

mason jar ideas - solar lamp via Treasure Again

18. Tinted DIY Mason Jar Candles

This unique DIY at Something Turquoise shows you how to tint mason jars and add candles to them for cute favors!

mason jar ideas - diy mason jar candles via Something Turquoise

19. Use a hot glue gun + paint for personalized jars.

LOVE this idea by Pure and Noble: just use a hot glue gun to write words on jars and paint over them with spray paint!

mason jar ideas - mason jars with personalized glue gun and paint via Pure and Noble

20. Ice Cream in a Jar

A sweet treat for guests: ice cream in a jar! Spotted here by City Cradle Design.

mason jar ideas - ice cream in a jar via Style Me Pretty by City Cradle Design

21. DIY Matchstick Favor

This idea uses this type of jar, but wouldn’t it make a great favor? Don’t forget to buy matches in bulk! See the DIY at It All Started With Paint.

mason jar ideas - mason jar matchbox by It All Started With Paint

22. Trail Mix in a Jar Favors

Buy trail mix in bulk, place in mason jars, add a cute tag, and gift to guests! Perfect for rustic weddings or a wedding in the woods. Spotted via Socially Circled.

mason jar ideas - trail mix in a jar via Socially Circled

23. Ginger Ale + Strawberries in a Mason Jar

Let guests make their own refreshing concoctions with a drink bar. This mason jar is filled with gingerale and strawberries. Yum! Photo via Tina Crespo.

mason jar ideas - ginger ale in a mason jar via Tina Crespo

24. DIY Glitter Vase

Create these chic DIY glitter vases with a tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion spotted via Pinterest. Photo by Alice G. Patterson.

mason jar ideas - diy glitter vases via The Sweetest Occasion, Photo by Alice G. Patterson

25. Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier

What a beautiful chandelier! Now, if only I knew how make one of my own. Via Beth Helmstetter, photo by Jonas Peterson.

mason jar ideas - mason jar lighting via Beth Helmstetter, Photo by Jonas Peterson

26. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

Guests can take a mason jar drinking glass + write their name directly on it! Here’s how to DIY (+ it’s super easy!)

– just buy mason jars (or the blue mason jars, which I especially adore)
– add chalkboard label stickers
– provide guests with chalk or chalk pen marker to write their names

Some guests don’t like to drink directly from mason jars, so you’ll definitely want to include these!

mason jar ideas - diy chalkboard mason jars - photo by Austin Gros via Style Me Pretty

photo by austin gros via style me pretty

(P.S. We also spotted these + wanted to share: you can turn ANY mason jar into a travel mug! Brilliant.)

27. Baby’s Breath Mason Jar Vases

For chic, inexpensive decor, just add baby’s breath and ribbon to jelly jars. Image via Catch My Party.

mason jar ideas - babys breath mason jar vases via Catch My Party

28. Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns from the Ceiling

This is lovely! Spotted at Vanilla and Rose Blog by Reed’s Bow.

mason jar ideas - hanging mason jar lanterns via Vanilla and Rose Blog via Reed's Bow

29. 4-Minute Carrot Cake in a Jar

I LOVE Carrot Cake. (I recently discovered this and I’ll admit… it’s amazing.) For a DIY carrot cake in a jar, check out Prudent Baby.

mason jar ideas - carrot cake in a jar via Prudent Baby

30. Farm-Inspired Mason Jar Drinking Glass

Check out this mason jar drinking glass which is super easy to DIY. Just use jelly jars, heart paper straws, red and white baker’s twine, and a handmade tag. Voila! Instant farm-inspired rustic chic drinks. Spotted via Love Luxe Blog, styled by Always Andri, photo by Fanni Williams.

mason jar ideas - mason jar drinking glass - photo by Fanni Williams, styled by Always Andri, via Love Luxe Blog

31. Display Flowers in a Vase

Use a frog lid which helps make flowers look perfect when arranged in a jar. Via Country Living At Heart.

mason jar ideas - frog lids mason jar via Country Living At Heartmason jar ideas - frog lids mason jar via Country Living At Heart

32. Canned Fruit Mason Jar Favors

Do you can your own fruit? Give canned fruit as favors! Add cute labels to make it instantly giftable. Photo and tag spotted via Mud and Twig.

mason jar ideas - canned peach wedding favors via Mud and Twig

33. Cocoa in a Mason Jar Favor

A homemade favor ready for gifting! By Candivore Epice.

mason jar ideas - homemade cocoa in a mason jar by Candivore Epice

34. Cupcake Jar Wedding Favors

Get the full DIY from Liluna.

mason jar ideas - cupcake gift jar by Liluna

35. Jam in a Jar

Peach cobbler jam in a jar! Looks delish. Handmade by LA Farm Girl.

mason jar ideas - peach cobbler jam in a jar by LA Farm Girlmason jar ideas - peach cobbler jam in a jar - wrapped by LA Farm Girl

36. Cowgirl Cookies in a Mason Jar

By Bakerella.

mason jar ideas - cowgirl cookies in a jar by Bakerella

37. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

For a romantic glow at your reception, make these DIY mason jar oil lamps spotted at Raised in Cotton.

mason jar ideas - diy mason jar oil lamp via Raised In Cotton

38. Mason Jar Flower Planter / Lantern

Use as a flower planter or lantern. Easy to hang, too! Via Sweet Tea Clothing Co.

mason jar ideas - mason jar lantern planter via Sweet Tea Clothing Co

39. Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Mason jar lights by Sweet Tea Clothing Co. Oh, and this cat is awesome by the way.

mason jar ideas - hanging mason jars via Sweet Tea Clothing Co

40. Candy Jar Favors

Fill a jar with salt water taffy, add a label, and gift as favors! It’s easy. Spotted via Boho Weddings; photo: Lace Hanky Photography.

mason jar ideas - taffy mason jar favors - photo by Lace Hanky Photography via Boho Weddings

41. “Snowy” Epsom Salt Mason Jar Lanterns

Winter wedding? Make a snowy effect with epsom salt placed in mason jars. Top with small pillar candles. Spotted via The Inspired Room.

mason jar ideas - snowy mason jar lanterns epsom salt via The Inspired Room

42. Sugared Pecans in a Jar

YUM! By Pip and Ebby.

mason jar ideas - sugared pecans in a jar by Pip and Ebby

43. Caramels in a Jar

Get salted caramels to go in a cute jar by The Caramel Jar. I’ve tried them myself and they’re insanely good.

mason jar ideas - caramels in a jar by The Caramel Jarmason jar ideas - caramels in a jar 2 by The Caramel Jar

44. Succulent in a Jar

Go green! Gift guests with a succulent in a sweetly-sized jar. Spotted via Style Me Pretty, photo by Vasia Photography, styled by Le Soirees.

mason jar ideas - succulent in a jar via Style Me Pretty, Photo by Vasia Photography, Styled by Le Soirees

45. Sewing Kit in a Jar

Crafty-themed bridal shower? Gift these sewing kits as favors! By Mrs Izzy and Co.

mason jar ideas - pin cushion mason jar via Mrs Izzy and Co

46. Cinnamon Sugar + Popcorn in a Jar

A delightful tasty treat guests can make at home! Via Domestic Charm.

mason jar ideas - cinnamon sugar popcorn jar via Domestic Charm

47. Mason Jar Vases with Flowers for Cake Table / Vignette

Use mason jars as thrifty decor! Spotted via Boho Weddings; photo: Lace Hanky Photography.

mason jar ideas - mason jar vases via Boho Weddings, photo by Lace Hanky Photography

48. Mason Jar Dessert Bar Vessels

Display your colorful candies in mason jars at your dessert bar, like these gumballs featured at Catch My Party.

mason jar ideas - candy buffet mason jars via Catch My Party

49. Mason Jar Maple Martini

Learn how to make ’em at Finding Home.

mason jar ideas - mason jar maple martini via Finding Home Online

50. Add Flower Bouquets for Chic Centerpieces

Spotted at Elizabeth Anne Designs, photo by Jen Huang, flowers by Viburnum Designs.

mason jar ideas - mason jar centerpieces in mason jars via Elizabeth Anne Designs, photo by Jen Huang, flowers by Viburnum Designs

Happy Planning!


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