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These Pie Magnets Make the Cutest Fall Favors

by Emma Arendoski

You saw it here first: pie magnet favors! The cutest wedding magnets for fall!

The lovely TheMagnetMaiden has got it goin’ on with her unique magnet collection. We’re calling this one of the cutest fall party favors and, honestly, we’ve never seen anything quite like it.

But first, let me ask you something: which is better, a wedding cake or pie?

Wedding pie sounds weird out loud but looks amazing at a dessert bar. That’s pretty unique and fun, assuming you’re planning a more laid-back, rustic wedding and you love pie vs. cake. I am picturing a “love is sweet” set up, pies in favorite flavors all lined up with sweet little markers to tell guests what each one is, fun pie napkins like these, and oh, yes, take-home boxes.

I’m literally planning a pie dessert bar in my mind right now and I’ll probably bring it to the blog in a few days. But for now, focus, Emma — just the magnets!

Pie Magnet Favors

These wedding magnets for fall are one part charm and one part functionality, sending guests home with a cute memory of your wedding and a useful takeout-food-menu-holder-upper for their fridge. :)

YUM. These magnets look like real pecan pie! The finishing touch is the handmade kraft paper attachment with your names and wedding date, which finishes off the look.

buy here


There are other pie magnet favors, too, like lemon meringue and pumpkin.

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Ok, and then I thought, there has to be more in this magnificent shop and yup, you’ll never believe what I found:


Yes, these are scented — omg — and look incredible. I’m about to deck out my entire fridge in these fall magnet favors, I swear.

buy here

Then I found…


These white pumpkins are incredibly popular right now. If you like farmhouse decor, you’d be lying to me if you said you didn’t pin at least ONE white pumpkin this season or see one for sale and think, yeah, I really could use one of those. Same girl, same.

buy here

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Orange pumpkin magnets — sidebar: with all the white pumpkin decor lately, it’s fun to see the OG pumpkin, it’s like a throwback! Ha!

buy here

buy here


These are a fun favor for Halloween themed weddings or Halloween bachelorette parties (it’s a thing now, you guys).

buy here

And more boo-tiful finds:

buy here

Okay, I’m stopping there because I could go on and on about the LEMON magnets or the HAMBURGERS or the SUCCULENTS — but you get the idea: it’s not limited to pie magnet favors alone. There are all kinds of styles from which to choose. The Magnet Maiden has some serious talent and you should just go see it for yourself!

I’m not usually a magnet obsessed person, but these are incredible.

I hope your guests love these sweet pie magnets as much as I do!

Happy Planning!


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