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20 Most Unique Bridesmaid Necklaces Under $20

by Emma Arendoski

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Hey, lovelies! Giving bridesmaid necklaces as gifts to your girls is so much easier when you know where to start. If you’re on a budget, or you want to add jewelry to their gifts (i.e. with a robe like this, one of these shirts that are insanely popular right now, or one of these makeup bags), finding bridesmaid necklaces under 20 can sound like a challenge.

But here’s some good news: there are actually plenty of beautiful, best-gift-ever kinds of necklaces out there for your bridesmaids — yes, even under the insanely affordable price of 20 each — as long as you know where to look! Today we’re sharing the best bridesmaid necklaces under 20 so you can stay on budget, shop small (and support an independent artisan!), and give your bridesmaids jewelry pieces they’ll love to wear again and again. Win-win. Win.

Along with our top picks for bridesmaid necklaces, we’re also sharing some tips when shopping for your girls on a budget. These helpful hints will be important to remember when you shop for groomsmen, too.

Oh, and P.S., as a warning, you’ll probably want one (or all) of these affordable bridesmaid necklaces for yourself. I know I do! I want the coffee one. That’s totally me. I’d love to hear which one you like best, so leave it in the comments.

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On to the list!

Tips on Buying Cheap Bridesmaid Necklaces

When shopping for bridesmaid gifts, and in this case bridesmaid necklaces, you’ll want to throw out the playbook on what you think you need to buy for your girls. The kinds of bridal party jewelry that was given decades ago no longer applies. Today, bridesmaid gifts are focused on individuality, style, and the ability to wear again. Also, you don’t necessarily need to plaster “bridesmaid” all over gift items, nor do you have to spend a ton of money to show your appreciation. And nothing has to be sparkly or too over-the-top.

Just the opposite, really. In a way, purchasing unique bridesmaid gifts personally tailored to her individual likes, hobbies, and style will be more appreciated than a showy jewelry set that she might not really get a chance to wear often. And that’s why everyday necklaces are such a delightful gift and a great place to start; you know she will actually love to wear it and she’ll appreciate the extra thought that went into selecting her gift.

by minthologie


When shopping for bridesmaid necklaces, keep these things in mind:

Think outside the box

Many big box chains that are wedding-centric will hike up the price on bridesmaid jewelry, simply because it is for a wedding. There are no specifics when it comes to buying bridesmaid necklaces. They don’t have to say bridesmaid or have any specific wedding quality to it. You’re looking for stylish, affordable, wearable pieces they’ll love to wear. That is it.

Search this, not that

As with all things wedding-related, prices are usually substantially higher just by putting “wedding” in front of it. You don’t have to limit yourself to browsing wedding-specific shops. Instead, browse all kinds of jewelry shops on Etsy or check out your local craft fairs. If searching online, enter something like “everyday necklaces“, “dainty necklace” or “simple necklace” as your search terms instead of specific bridesmaid necklaces. These are little-known facts that will result in beautiful and affordable gift finds — not just for your wedding, but you may find some great holiday gifts, too.I know, the holidays… they were seriously just a few weeks ago, right?! It’s already SEPTEMBER! I can’t get over it.

Also be sure to check out trending products or best-sellers (did you know Amazon sells handmade now, too, some with free Prime shipping?!), or shop by each bridesmaid’s unique hobbies. For instance, if she’s an avid mountain climber, you might choose a mountain necklace, like this from Rudiana:

customized wine glasses

by rudiana

If she’s a coffee lover, she’ll love one of these from RachelynJewelry (and technically, it’s $25, but check out how cute it is):

by rachelyn jewelry

And if she’s into feminine details, she’ll love a bow necklace like this (by Francy Jewel):


by francy jewel

You get the idea. It’s all about searching for necklaces with specific key terms to find exactly what your bridesmaids will love to wear.

Custom jewelry is always a huge win

The word custom tends to throw people off, thinking well, it is custom-made so it must cost extra. That’s not necessarily the case. Custom jewelry is some of the most prized possessions people own because they’re one-of-a-kind. Consider bridesmaid necklaces with birthstones, script names, initials, monograms, etc.

by jewelryvv

To prove this point, we’re including many custom jewelry pieces in our list of bridesmaid necklaces under 20.


Now, you could get away with giving just these bridesmaid gifts as the gift for each of your bridesmaids, but I really encourage you to instead use it as part of a small assortment of gift bags. After buying a bridesmaid dress and shoes, paying for hair and makeup, and all of the other duties associated with being a bridesmaid. giving any of these bridesmaid necklaces under 20 may not seem like a large enough gift. That’s why we love the idea of pairing it with one or several of these awesome bridesmaid gifts, if your budget allows.

And if your budget does not allow, please remember — it’s always the thought that counts. Your bridesmaids will love anything you give them if you put thought into the gift.

20 Bridesmaid Necklaces Under 20

1. These hand-stamped gold bar necklaces

By JunkJewelry. This is one of my favorite custom bridesmaid necklaces ever! Oh, and seriously… don’t believe the name of the shop because these are not “junk” jewelry pieces nny any means. I received one from my sister as a gift and loved it so much I turned around and bought her one a year later. This is the most beautiful bar necklace and the hand-stamping looks great. This is the lowest price on Etsy! And I actually spoke with the seller and she was super friendly and great with response time. I wear mine daily.

by junk jewelry

2. These single pearl necklaces

Elegant. Simple. Classic! By VasiaAccessories.

by vasia accessories

3. These teardrop necklaces

These colorful teardrop necklaces are beautiful. Grab a set of these bridesmaid necklaces in one color to coordinate with your wedding, or mix-and-match by choosing a color each bridesmaid would like best. By EstherRoseCollection.

by esther rose collection

4. These love knot necklaces

Very fitting as bridesmaid necklaces — asking them to help you “tie the knot”! By MoruStudio.

by moru studio

Available in gold, silver, or rose gold.

by moru studio

Plus, there’s a custom-stamped initial on the back!

by moru studio

5. These long teardrop necklaces (with stamped initial disc)

by esther rose collection

6. These dainty stone necklaces with hand-stamped names

I love this marble stone! By MoruStudio.

by moru studio


7. These druzy bridesmaid necklaces

Love the grey…

by custom chic

… and the blue! By Custom Chic.

by custom chic

8. These rose gold druzy necklaces

By BellaBoutiqueCrafts.

by bella boutique crafts

9. These sideways initial necklaces

Love these! By Gigglosophy.

by gigglosophy

10. These mountain bridesmaid necklaces

By MoloRoseGarden.

by molo rose garden

11. These “it’s my turn to pop the question” necklaces

Great for asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding. By Petal and Paperie.

by petal and paperie

12. These rose quartz bridesmaid necklaces

By VermeerJewellery.

by vermeer jewellery

13. These tiny script initial necklaces

By GreatJewelry4All.

by greatjewelry4all

14. These miniature monogram necklaces

By MinthologieStudio.

by minthologie studio

15. These origami bridesmaid necklaces

By Tiffany Avenue Bridal.

by tiffany avenue bridal

16. These beautiful pinecone bridesmaid necklaces under 20

By Borcik.

by borcik

17. hese personalized rose gold bar necklaces

By Mignon and Mignon.

by mignon and mignon

by mignon and mignon

18. These horseshoe bridesmaid necklaces

By Ruby Lena Jewelry.

by ruby lena jewelry

19. This feminine bow necklace

By Lovassion.

by lovassion

20. These personalized bridesmaid necklaces in state-shapes

By MoruStudio.

by moru studio

COMMENT ON → Bridesmaid Necklaces Under 20

So, what do you think of these beautiful bridesmaid necklaces under 20? Can you believe how nice they look for such a great price?! :) If you want to buy any of the bridesmaid necklaces, just click on the imagine or the link below it for more information.

Happy Planning!



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