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5 Things to NOT Put on Your Wedding Registry

by Emma Arendoski

What should you not put on your wedding registry?

what should you not put on your wedding registry

As much as you may think about what you SHOULD put on your registry, there are many things to NOT include on a bridal registry. Today we’re sharing the five mistakes couples make when making their registry by including these things they should not put on the list.

What to NOT Include on Wedding Registry

1. Things You Do Not Intend to Use

It sounds like a good idea at the time, running around the store and scanning items — or online, adding gifts to one list from any online retailer (yes, even Etsy!) with the click of a mouse.

As a rule of thumb, you should not put on your registry anything you don’t actually, truly, intend to ever use. That doesn’t mean you have to have a 100% practical list. The occasional fine china or silverware has a special time and place. But if you’re registering for items you know you’ll probably never open, don’t add them to your list.

2. Too Many Expensive Gifts

Give a good variety of gift ideas for guests to shop from, including some pricier items along with affordable gift ideas.

If your registry is extremely full of only expensive gifts, it will be a turn-off for guests and they’ll think you’re in it just to take advantage of luxury presents.

Plus, you want to give all guests the opportunity to shop from the list.

Some expensive gifts? Of course!

Some affordable items? Absolutely!

A little bit of a mix? Now you’ve got it.

3. The Same Item On Different Registries

There are few things more frustrating than seeing two of the same items from two different stores. Let’s say, for instance, you want this amazing set of cookware. So, you add it to one list and then think, hmm, let’s add it to another, too. While the idea may be to ensure you are giving guests the convenience of shopping from either place they prefer, it actually makes things confusing. One guest may really love to give you the cookware as a gift, but they’ll worry that someone else will double-buy the same gift from another retailer. It just makes things confusing.

Instead, only add one of each item to ALL registries. It keeps things much easier.

Another tip is to use one universal registry, like this. It will keep everything organized and you can register for anything, from anywhere.

4. Things You Plan On Returning

Sometimes, couples really just want cash. But they know you can’t ask for money without it being a major etiquette faux-pas unless you do this (which is really a smart idea, tbh).

So they think, okay, let’s register for a ton of stuff we’ll never use, and we can return it all!

It becomes blatantly obvious to guests.

Don’t do it.

It’s no big deal if there’s an item here or there that you realize later you may not need or want, so you’d like to return it to use the gift card amount on something you will use.

But when couples register for tons of obvious items they’ll never use, return, and then use the cash on something else entirely, it sort of defeats the purpose of a registry.

Save people the trouble and do this instead if you really plan on never using any of the items.

(P.S. Many guests like to buy a gift knowing you’ll use it, and they’ll expect to see it at your home!)

5. Don’t Register for Things That Are Too Trendy

And lastly, don’t register for obvious trendy items. They won’t last long and you’ll just wish you requested more functional items that you could put to good use. Just a good rule of thumb!

Instead, here’s what to put on your wedding registry: The Top 100 Wedding Registry Items on Amazon.

What would YOU add to the list? What are some things you should not add to a wedding registry that are not on this list? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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