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9 Unique Wedding Decorations That Aren’t Flowers

by Emma Arendoski
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What are the best wedding decorations that aren’t flowers? We’re here to help with creative and unique non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas. Subscribe for the latest to your inbox!

When you’re planning wedding decorations, do you have to use flowers? No! Of course not!

Although flowers are probably the most popular decoration due to their elegance and fragrance, there are plenty of couples who go the non-floral route and it’s perfectly acceptable to do so.

Alternatives to Floral Centerpieces

There are other ways to utilize flowers throughout your wedding, so don’t think we’re opposed to flowers, either. Sometimes, the budget simply doesn’t allow for wedding flowers to reign high on the list of priorities, meaning couples decide to spend that money elsewhere. If this sounds like you and you want trendy, stylish wedding decorations that aren’t flowers, you’ve come to the right place.

From non floral centerpieces like succulents, pampas grass, and potted plants to creative stacks of books and geometric terrariums, we’ve got you covered!

These examples of wedding decorations will inspire you to think outside the traditional flower box. And your wedding is going to look amazing!

Let’s get started.

Wedding Centerpieces That Aren’t Flowers

1. Wood Slice with Succulent

For this next non-floral wedding option, check out this rustic wood slice and succulent plus lantern idea. What a great way to utilize the space and fill it up, without making it look cluttered — without flowers! Wood slices by RusticWoodSlices.

alternative wedding decorations to flowers

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2. Glass Terrarium with Lights

Light up the space with these fairy lights and terrariums (with geometric terrarium available at VallariDecor. This geometric shape is perfect for a modern style and features a low height, making it super-easy for guests to enjoy conversation at dinner. Buy them here.

wedding decorations that aren't flowers

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3. Rustic Mason Jar with Baby’s Breath

Instead of flower centerpieces, decorate your wedding with baby’s breath in mason jars, placed atop a wood slice. These mason jar vases look extra perfect thanks to the tags (and inspo) by OfHoosierHandmade. I love this look!

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4. Wood Lanterns with Candles

I’ve never seen a wood lantern I didn’t love! These are my top pick for wood lanterns. They’re handmade for your wedding by AlloraSpritz and they look incredible. Buy here.

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5. Floating Candles

Tall candle holders and floating candles create one of the most romantic atmospheres! These non-floral centerpieces are a great option and save money, while illuminating your space. By AphantriTealights. Buy here.

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6. Feathers

One popular wedding alternative wedding decorations to flowers? Feathers! Swap out flower for feathers and you have a roaring 20’s style that Gatsby himself would imagine. By VallariDecor. Shop here.

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7. Geometric Vases with Lights

This is another example of a terrarium with lights inside but with a slightly different shape. By VallariDecor.

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8. Pampas Bouquet

Instead of flowers, choose this fan-favorite for wedding season: pampas grass! This specially-made pampas bouquet makes perfect non-floral wedding centerpieces. By MissYouGarden.

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9. Mirrors

Use these mirror boxes instead of flowers as centerpieces. Great for a modern wedding! By Efavormart. Click here to shop.

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Bonus: Hoop Wreath

Although these hoop wreaths utilize flowers, they’re faux flowers… so it’s technically still centerpieces without flowers that are fresh! These hoops are stylish and unique, so guests won’t have seen these everywhere else already. By Ling’s Moment. Buy here.

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What do you think of these alternative wedding decorations to flowers? Are you planning a centerpiece without flowers at your wedding? Tell us about it in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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