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This Geometric Centerpiece is the Big Trend for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

The geometric centerpiece is one of the biggest trends for tables since… well, since the mason jar hit the rustic wedding space. And we all know how well those were received. Emma here and today we’re talking about — you guessed it — awesome geometric vase ideas for you to steal as centerpieces. Whether for your wedding or bridal shower, or maybe even your next dinner party, these geometric ideas will have you dreaming of a chic, stylish, modern wedding. I’m imagining an NYC skyline or a Chicago rooftop bar; a posh museum opening or a garden patio with string lights and bistro tables. You get the idea. We’ll show you everything you need to know to turn this super fun trend into a modern wedding day reality.

First, let’s talk about this geometric vase. We always love to keep you informed, so here are three facts about these sweet little gems.

1. Where they originated


For starters, they date back to Finnish roots. But you probably already knew that.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

by chloe elizabeth

2. What they’re called

Himmeli, geometric centerpiece, geometric terrarium, geo vase, tall geometric vase, sphere, prism, pentagon, geometric hurricane — just to name a few.

These modern day “vases” or “ornaments” are commonly referred to as himmelis or prisms; they are widely used as decorative pieces. You’ve seen them on Instagram; perused them at West Elm; obsessed over them at your recent visit to Anthro or while binge-watching Fixer Upper. They’re very in right now.

by ncyp

These centerpieces slash vases vary in size, shape, and can be displayed on a stand or by themselves on a tabletop; you may also tie a ribbon or twine and use as hanging decorations. For instance, if you were getting married outdoors and had a cool tree with low hanging branches or a fun ceremony arch, you could display them there as a cool boho-inspired backdrop.

via kw

These particular himmeli geometric shapes are scientifically known as icosahedron. I don’t know about you, but “geometric vase” has a nice ring to it. ;)

Once you thought you’ve seen them all, you’ll find another one to love. From hexagon to irregular, lantern to pentagon, prism-shaped to tall vessels, these centerpieces prove that variety really is the spice of life… and table settings.

via bella’s garden

3. How they’re made

customized wine glasses

Solid brass material

The outside of a geometric centerpiece is made of solid brass; on top, it is chrome-coated in rose-gold, copper, yellow gold, silver, etc. Currently on-trend is the rose gold variety; however, gold is a close runner up and looks just as lovely, imo.

Some centerpieces are open on all sides, so you can fill it with an air plant or use it for hanging. Others have more reinforced sides and bottoms, so they can actually be used as vases.

Personally, I prefer the vase / pentagon option, coated in gold — but that’s just me. ;) You may find the black or rose gold to be more your style; perhaps a true himmeli is fitting for your decor. Or maybe you don’t like any of these and that’s okay, too. It’s your wedding!


by banord

Geometric Vase Bulk Orders

If you are buying these geo-inspired gems as a centerpiece for every wedding table, listen up: you should definitely buy in bulk. Why? Unless you love throwing money out the window, buying in bulk is the way to go. You’ll save time, money, stress less, and get instantly-glowing skin. I can’t guarantee the last thing, but the other three are definitely accurate.

via here

If you get centerpiece bulk pricing, you can place one gigantic order and then wait for everything to arrive on your doorstep. No driving from store to store, trying to download coupons on your phone, putting on a hat and pretending you’re someone else to use said coupon on another order, etc.

When it comes to ordering geometric centerpieces in bulk, try Koyal Wholesale. They usually have a coupon code and almost always offer some sort of deal on shipping. You’ll see the discounts at the very top of the page here, anytime you visit.

They’re not always the cheapest, so sometimes you have to look at a few places. And don’t be fooled by KW on Amazon. They are the same company, but the pricing is significantly higher on Amazon than their website.

One of these best prices I’ve found for geometric centerpiece bulk orders is known as Featherology; you can browse their shop here. In some cases, I’ve found their vase centerpieces to be one or two dollars cheaper on each one; that adds up significantly when you’re ordering a dozen or more of them.

They’re also the only place I’ve found incredibly tall geometric vases, the kind that makes me want to drop everything and throw a huge ballroom gala. Check out this photo as an example.

by vallari decor

Tall Geometric Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a statement-making decoration, we recommend this tall geometric centerpiece. This style is kind of brilliant; since there is clear glass (and sometimes no glass at all), you can see the people sitting across from you at the table. There are few things more maddening as a wedding guest than not seeing the people directly across the table from you and being able to chat with them.


Now that you know all about the vases themselves, let’s take a look at some inspiring examples. You can see a few of these examples of centerpieces at Featherology.

by vallari decor

These geometric vases are by Love and Luxe Handmade. As you can see in these visuals, flowers or candles both look incredibly elegant inside these geometric vases.

buy here

buy here

These ‘orbs’ shown next are handmade by Himmeli Art Design. Check out how beautiful they look filled with simple pink roses.

buy here

This gold terrarium vase is shown with a mercury glass candle inside; the vase sits on a wood slice and features succulents and flowers as added decor. I love the combination of all four for a rustic barn wedding. Available at Country Chapel.

buy here

The following geometric terrarium is a specialty product by Waen; it is entirely handcrafted with real glass, copper foil, patina, wax, solder, and more. You could probably even use this as a card box (and afterward as a jewelry box; that’s what I would do!)

buy here

buy here

buy here

They’ve even designed these cool ring boxes, which are all the rage for proposals right now.

buy here

This next set of terrariums proves that succulents continue to grow in the wedding industry. And we’re not complaining! This terrarium is made by MOCTUS and it proves how cool it looks when you go with a totally modern, minimalist design. The geometric terrarium shown here is gold with white rocks and a single green succulent inside. Cacti would also look amazing here (you can buy cacti in bulk here).

buy here


Or this one by GeometricGlassPlace.

buy here

If we’re getting technical, these next four centerpieces by Eleven Decor Shop are known as dodecahedron. Can you say that three times fast? I cannot.

buy here

buy here

If you want small geometric candle holders instead of vases, these are an ideal size. By ElevenDecorShop.

buy here

In addition, you’ll see that using a mix of different heights, geometric styles, and fillers will add depth to your centerpiece. Here are a few additional ways to use these glass vases as centerpieces.

buy here

For instance, the use of glass geometric vases and candlesticks in the same color will give your tabletop decor a modern edge.

buy here

buy here

Now that you know what kind of centerpieces you like, let’s talk about what to put inside them.

What to Put Inside Geometric Centerpiece Vases

Inside each geometric centerpiece, take some cues from the inspiration above and fill yours with the following.


If you’d like to try DIY arrangements, try Blooms By The Box as a wholesale option. If you’re buying smaller arrangements, visit your local florist and inquire about pricing. Make sure you bring the geometric centerpiece with you to ensure proper planning for the size, width, and price of each floral centerpiece.

What we like about their site is the ability to choose pre-arranged flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, or centerpieces here.


Ah, my favorite: succulents. The only plant I’ve managed to keep alive, with the exception of my orchids and one aloe plant. I also have two cacti just barely hanging on.

Succulents look beautiful as centerpieces. They work exceptionally well inside hanging vases and decor; they make an endearing wedding favor for guests. Who knew these small plants could be such a lovable little thing?

buy here

buy here

Here’s an example of a succulent inside a geometric sphere by DECO.

via here

Just as important as ordering your centerpieces in bulk, you will definitely want/need to buy succulents in bulk and for cheap. We strongly recommend ordering them online from ShopSucculents, as their reviews speak for themselves and the rosette collection is especially breathtaking. You might even buy so many you’ll want to give them away to family and friends. (MONEY SAVING TIP: You can get free shipping with this.)

Pebble stones

If you’re planting anything inside the terrarium / vase / planter, small pebble stones are a great addition. You can source them at craft stores, home stores, pet shops (the rocks used for aquariums), or online.

Pillar candles

If your centerpieces are large enough to allow for pillar candles, use them! You can buy cheap pillar candles in bulk here. You always want to buy candles that burn clean, burn long, and are fragrance-free.

via here

Votive candles

If your centerpieces are smaller, use votive candles from Stonebriar inside. They’ll burn a long time, so you’ll never need to relight them mid-reception. If your venue prohibits candles, you can use battery-operated candles; the ones from Agptek offer a flickering look, so they will seem like the real thing! They also have warm white, cool white, or yellow flame options so you can really create a look you’ll love.


Coordinating Geometric Wedding Decor

While hunting for these, I stumbled upon two other geo-inspired finds. Check ’em out below.


You’ll also love these framed geometric table numbers, offered by Meraki Design.

via here

If you are using these centerpieces, you may also like to pair your tabletop decor with these geometric table number holders spotted at Blue Brides LLC.

via here


I must show you these fun string lights. They’re battery-operated, so you won’t need to fuss with plugs and electricity and all that jazz. I’m seriously considering these for my patio, ya know, to go with those hanging ones I showed you earlier. I think I could totally pull off the look.

via here

Aren’t they cool? I just knew you’d like them.

Quick Recap

Now you know that geometric centerpieces are fun, modern, and wildly versatile. You know where to get them in bulk, how to get the best price, and where to find those towering tall geometric centerpiece stands. You know where to find succulents, wholesale flowers, and more. If we missed anything, ask in the comments or shoot us an email.

Happy Planning!


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