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The Most Comfy Summer Sandals Are Now Perfect For Walking

by Emma Arendoski

Let’s spill some tea.

I’ve been looking for perfect wedding sandals for walking around town, running errands, upcoming events, etc. Nothing too wild – maybe pair them with a cute jumpsuit or dress for summer weddings. But here’s the thing: finding comfortable and supportive sandals for the summer is usually pretty difficult to find – for me, anyway.

I’ll discover a pair that look cute but end up being horribly uncomfortable for walking. Or they won’t stay ON my feet. That’s the worst! I was growing tired of trying on sandals, hoping they’d work, only to find them to be too tight, too uncomfortable, or tiring to hold onto the top of my feet for an extended period of time. It felt like shoe designers were putting more attention into the look of the sandal and forgetting that, oh yeah, someone has to actually want to wear these for an extended period of time. ;)

And then I found them. The holy grail of summer wedding sandals that are comfy and they’re by a brand called Birdies. These comfortable, supportive summer sandals will take you to the next level as you walk around town lookin’ super cute.

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Let’s get into it!

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The Importance of Comfortable and Supportive Sandals

Why is it important to have a comfortable sandal that also offers support? Mainly, since we’re running around in the summer and tend to be more active, you need to give your foot the extra cushion it deserves. You don’t want to plan a day of walking or sightseeing, only to derail your plans due to foot pain and injuries.

If you look to this comfortable brand, you’ll have an insole that is built for walking, suitable for summertime, and in styles to match your look.

On my hunt for comfy summer sandals, one brand stood out: Birdies. What I like about their brand (and no, they didn’t sponsor this!) is their shoe is built like a slipper. It puts cushion and support first on its list of priorities, and then fills in the rest with an amazing design and impeccable styling. When you wear their flats, sneakers, or sandals, you’re secretly wearing slippers – but no one has to know. ;)

When you include arch support and cushioning, you’ll have a sandal suitable for walking that will benefit you in the long run. Or long walk. Ha!

Top Picks for Summer Walking Sandals

Here is my top pick for sandals based on personal experience. I love my sandals: they’re stylish, colorful, and oh-so-flattering to wear. They improved this design, even, to add an additional 2mm of padding at the ball of the foot along with a flexible outsole. What I like most: the shoe moves WITH YOU as you walk. I can’t stand when sandals have to be pulled along for the ride.

In addition, they made the foot strap even longer with a curved top buckle so it hugs your feet and stays put.

► Don’t take my word for it: read the glowing reviews for yourself!

Tips for Finding the Perfect Summer Walking Sandals

These work great for me, and I especially love the hot pink pair. But if you’re on the fence, here are some tips for finding the right pair of sandals that work for you. Some footwear specialists suggest trying them on in the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen from heat of summer, wearing them around the house for a bit, and seeing if there are any initial rubbing areas that will be an issue later on.


Remember, it’s most important to prioritize comfort over style, even when you don’t want to. That cute pair of shoes that look adorable won’t be so stunning when you have bunions and blisters later on – and you’ll need to walk around barefoot just to alleviate the pain. Ouch!

If you find your perfect summer walking sandals from Birdies or elsewhere, tell me about them. I’d love to hear what brought you success!

I hope this article helps you find perfect sandals that will accentuate your fave summer outfits, as I have!

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