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Herkimer Diamond Necklaces — #HANDMADEADAY

by Emma Arendoski
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It’s time for our handmade-a-day pick! Today we’re talking about herkimer diamond necklaces and you’re going to love these. Be sure to subscribe for the latest posts straight to your inbox! It’s FREE!

Hi, loves! Emma here.  My two latest jewelry obsessions are as follows:  this bow bracelet and these herkimer diamond necklaces we’re sharing here today!

Herkimer diamonds are very in-style right now and, to be totally honest, I don’t see a reason why they’d ever go out of style.  Herkimer diamonds are a boho jewelery-lovers dream come true because it is a truly raw gemstone turned pendant you can wear everyday. And they’re affordable, too:  coming in under $50, herkimer diamond necklaces make beautiful thank you gifts to your bridesmaids. And they won’t already own anything like it.  Take a look — it’s today’s handmade-a-day find!

Herkimer Diamond Necklaces

These herkimer diamond necklaces are lovingly handmade by artist Laura Stark.  You’ve seen Laura’s exceptional work featured here before — remember these? These herkimer diamond pendant necklaces recently caught my eye and they’ve just soared to the top of my jewelry gift-giving list.

A herkimer diamond is a raw crystal piece that ranges from clear to threads of grey and black in it.  Each herkimer diamond is uniquely cut, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

These herkimer diamond necklaces feature a herkimer diamond, chain, and lobster clasp;  length of necklace is 17 inches.  The width of the gemstone is approximately 0.5 inches.  Your jewelry gift arrives in a box wrapped in a ribbon so gift-giving is all set! Just add a bridesmaid card.

To buy your herkimer diamond necklaces ↓

Want to buy a few herkimer diamond necklaces for your bridesmaids?  Head to Laura Stark Jewelry Studio!  Laura is awesome to work with, so you’re in great hands!

Happy Planning!


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