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Where to Buy Succulent Planters for Centerpieces

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, loves! It’s a brand new week and we’re excited to share the latest Ask Emmaline question. Marie asks about where to buy succulent planters for her wedding centerpieces. She writes,

“Hi Emmaline! I’m using succulents as part of my centerpieces at my wedding. Question is, where do I buy the succulent planters? The succulents I’m buying online just come inside plastic containers so I need to make them look more formal. Any ideas?

Great question, Marie! I know what you mean about those bulk succulents online; the plants themselves look great, but the planters they arrive in are not quite centerpiece ready. ;) To help, we’ve located some beautiful succulent planters for centerpieces from Etsy shop owner, RootToVine. We absolutely love the size and style of these particular planters.

You’ll love these as succulent planters at your wedding and long afterward, too. They also make great gifts for giving away at the end of the night to friends or family members.

Succulent Planters for Centerpieces

These handmade succulent planters are made by their potter Sean who has been throwing for over 12 years. There is a very unique glaze on the planter; it is hand-mixed. The planters are dishwasher safe and feature drainage holes for watering. If you like these succulent planters for centerpieces and plan to buy a lot, contact them; there is wholesale pricing available.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

succulent planters for centerpieces

succulent planters for centerpieces

These succulent planters are also available in green.

succulent planters for centerpieces

You can use these planters for succulents, but also for airplants or cacti, if you prefer.

succulent planters for centerpieces

Where to Buy Succulent Planters

Like them? You can buy these succulent planters here.

Note: Plants are not included, but you can source succulents in bulk here for cheap.

succulents in bulk

via shopsucculents

Happy Planning!


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P.S. Want to buy flowers in bulk? They look great placed alongside succulents like these; find out more here.

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