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How To Use Wood Lanterns as Centerpieces

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, loves! If you’re planning a rustic wedding, we may have just found your centerpieces! This wood lantern centerpiece makes an incredible accent for your wedding tables. In addition to being completely 100% handcrafted (we love that!), these decorative lanterns can easily incorporate succulents or flowers and candles into your decor.

Today we’re tackling your centerpieces and giving you another reason to love handmade! In this post, we’ll acquaint you with GFTWoodcraft, show you why lanterns are an awesome alternative to flower centerpieces, and show you what to look for when buying candles for your reception. It’s all right here…

Wood Lantern Centerpiece

These decorative lanterns are the most beautiful for weddings. Unlike flower centerpieces (which look lovely but wilt and are thrown away), these lanterns last forever. You can give them away to special family members after the wedding to use in their homes. Give one to your mom, your new mother-in-law, your grandmother… you get the idea. You can also keep one as a keepsake from your wedding in your home.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

wood candle lantern made of reclaimed wood

First, let’s talk about why wood lanterns are a huge trend for weddings — now and in the foreseeable future.

1. This lantern is made of reclaimed wood.

Couples are looking for unique, handcrafted wedding ideas; these handmade wood lanterns are unlike others on the market because they’re completely handcrafted with two hands and reclaimed wood, making a lantern from GFT Woodcraft an ideal choice for couples who love eco-friendly wedding finds. Wood lanterns are especially popular couples planning a rustic themed wedding.

2. Decorative lanterns add a romantic candlelight to your reception tables.

Candles make any area instantly warm, cozy, inviting… and romantic. Candles are a must-have at every wedding, so incorporating candles into your decor with lanterns is an easy way to do it.

3. Lanterns cost the same or less than traditional flower centerpieces and last forever.

These lanterns offer a wonderful price point compared to other centerpieces without appearing to be a budget option. They’re not cheap but they’re also not overpriced. Plus, these large lanterns fill up the center of your table nicely.

Each wood lantern centerpiece costs about $20-$25 each, which is the same or LESS THAN you’ll pay for flowers and vases. We’re not against flowers (we love them as much as the next couple), but for couples who don’t need/want a floral design can choose a wood lantern centerpiece as a great alternative. Flowers die but these lanterns last forever.

As you’ll see in these photo examples, feel free to add flowers or succulents where you see fit, if you like the look. The lanterns are beautiful as-is, but I can see how adding a bit of floral or deep green succulents can add texture to your overall design. I really love the way these succulents look paired with this wood lantern.

wedding centerpiece with succulents and candle lantern

Where to Buy Candles for Lanterns

The pillar candles and/or votive candles are not included with your lantern, so you’ll need to source those yourself. You can buy cheap pillar candles from Simply Soson. When buying candles for wood lanterns — especially when using for weddings — follow these three rules.

– LONG burn time

Your candles should burn for a long time so you do not have to relight them mid-reception. These pillar candles boast an incredible 45 hour burn time.

customized wine glasses

– Burn clean

Making sure your candles burn clean is a helpful tip most couples don’t realize. When candles are made from a cotton wick and made with smoke-free eco-blend wax, you’ll have a clean smokeless burn and your candles will burn evenly. This makes the candles safer and smoke-free. Win-win.

– Unscented

Never use scented candles at weddings. Scented candles can cause allergies for some guests, as well as change the way the food tastes. Can you imagine ruining your reception meal with a scented candle? It happens. Instead, choose unscented / fragrance free candles inside your wood lanterns.


Wedding Table Lanterns

These wood wedding table lanterns are made from reclaimed wood and may have knots, grooves, or imperfections unique to the wood being used. This simple, rustic design is completely handmade from start to finish. No two are exactly the same! Your lantern can hold pillar candles, 3-wick candles, or mason jars. These centerpieces fit into rustic chic, shabby chic, or farmhouse themed wedding decor. Lanterns are available in light wood, dark wood, or painted white.

shabby chic white wood lantern

white wood lantern centerpiece

wood lantern centerpiece with flowers to use as a centerpiece

Use the lantern individually, or place in a trio as shown below.

wood lanterns in a trio for centerpiece design

You can use pillar or votive candles in your design.

votive candle inside wood lantern

wood centerpiece lanterns

wood candle lanterns

trio of lantern centerpieces for weddings

rustic wood lanterns

reclaimed wood lanterns made of dark wood

reclaimed wood lanterns

You can even place a candle on top of the lantern — and inside.

space for candle on top of wood lantern

Here are the sizes available:

wood candle lantern sizes

Rustic Lantern Centerpieces

Want to buy rustic lanterns? Buy them here! You’ll find plenty of other reclaimed wood products in the shop. I’m already eyeing many of them for my own home decor!

DISCUSS: What do you think of this wood lantern centerpiece? Do you like the design? Are you going to use lanterns in your wedding decor? Tell us in the comment box below.

Happy Planning!


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