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How to Decorate with Burlap and Lace

by Emma Arendoski

how to decorate weddings with burlap and lace

by ling’s wedding

Hi, loves! Today we’re fielding a new Ask Emmaline question from Jen who wants to know about decorating her wedding with burlap and lace — a popular combination. She asks a question we know other brides are probably wondering, too! ↓

[su_quote cite=”Jen”]Hi Emmaline! My wedding is rustic and shabby chic. I want to use burlap and lace as decor but I’m not sure where to start. Do I buy a roll from the store and make everything myself? What do you recommend? I am trying mostly DIY projects and need advice. Thank you![/su_quote]

Hi, Jen! Great question. Burlap is a tricky material to work with, even though everywhere you look you see perfectly executed runners, wraps, favors, bouquets, and more. While you certainly can give burlap a solid go with a roll from a craft store (I’ve grabbed some from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon online for a little savings), I generally don’t recommend it unless you’ve worked with it before. Here’s why: burlap is a tough, strong-smelling fabric that sheds everywhere. And while I love it, your best bet is to use imitation burlap (especially on tables because the smell really is that strong!) OR buy your supplies from a pro burlap designer (who uses both real and faux burlap). For accents like table runners with lace, for example, getting one pre-made is the best route because the designer has worked with it before and will have a custom table runner made to fit your specifications (and table sizes)…

Plus, when you put some tasks into the hands of a pro, you’ll be less stressed trying to tackle it all yourself. At least for the parts you don’t want to DIY. :) To get you started, here are a few ideas for wedding decor with burlap and lace from Ling’s Wedding. I’ll walk you through a few of my favorites and point out some areas where you can decorate your space with beloved burlap and lace without going overboard. Enjoy!

Burlap Wrapped Flower Girl Bouquet

For the ceremony, give your flower girl a bouquet with silk flowers wrapped in burlap and lace. These flowers last forever and will never wilt! This is a great alternative to a flower basket with petals, particularly if your venue doesn’t allow for tossing. (Mine didn’t, so I can totally sympathize with you.)

flower girl bouquets

by ling’s wedding

by ling’s wedding

These bouquets would also work well as table decor throughout your decor. Can you imagine one at each place setting? They’re so beautiful! (Also a great idea for a bridal shower.)

burlap and lace table runner with bouquet

by ling’s wedding

For your ceremony, have the ring bearer carry a sign instead, like this “Here Comes the Bride” sign printed onto burlap:

here comes the bride burlap sign

by ling’s wedding

For your wedding cake server, skip a traditional fork and knife and opt for something with flowers, burlap, and lace like this one. I can imagine wanting to reuse this for years to come at home!

burlap wrapped cake server

by ling’s wedding

by ling’s wedding

For your head table (or sweetheart table), adorn your chairs with these burlap and lace chair bows. If you prefer, add a bow to every chair throughout your reception.

burlap and lace chair bow

by ling’s wedding

by ling’s wedding

Include burlap table runners over traditional tablecloths on reception tables, the cake table, head table, and gifts table.

by ling’s wedding

Pick a silk bouquet with a burlap and lace handle, all built in! This one is stunning:

silk bouquet with burlap and lace handle

Cutlery looks cuter when wrapped in burlap, like so:

burlap cutlery holders

by ling’s wedding

by ling’s wedding

And last but not least, fill treats in these burlap favor bags for guests to take to-go.

burlap and lace favor bags

by ling’s wedding

And that’s how it’s done! You can find all of these from burlap and lace pro, Ling’s Wedding, in their shop.

Happy Planning!


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