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The Best Shave Kit for the Groom

by Emma Arendoski

Looking for the best shaving kit for men? You’ll find the best shaving kit bag on in our latest handmade find! But first, subscribe now for the latest to your inbox. We share regular finds and wedding tips, gift ideas and more, right to your inbox!

If you’re in the market for gifts for the groom, gifts for the Father of the Bride, or groomsmen gift ideas, chances are you’ve seen a shave kit for him — okay, maybe a dozen of them, at the very least. Dopp kits, aka shaving kit bags, are a popular gift item because they’re a functional, take-with-you-everywhere kind of present.

And a shave kit for him needs to be replaced over a span of time, so most people are happy to get a new bag to fill up with toiletries, like shaving cream and razors, a shaving brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. for travel.

But here’s the thing… everyone wants to know what the best shave kit for him really is, and let me tell you, we’ve seen MANY of them.

But lately, there’s one shaving kit bag that has caught our eye and we just can’t get enough of it for various reasons. We think this is the best shave kit for men and here’s why.

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And yeah, if you thought you couldn’t get excited about a men’s shave kit, think again, we can make everything exciting over here. :)

Shave Kit for Him

Why is this the best shaving kit for men?

That’s easy: it’s handmade. Boom. Here is why that is important in our list of 7 reasons why this shaving kit makes a great gift for him.

Here’s what it looks like (so handsome, am I right?):

buy here

It is by Clark and Taft and this is just one of the amazing products they craft in their shop. You can see this shave kit for men in other colors here.

This shave kit is handmade.

If you’re a regular reader around here, you know we love everything handmade for weddings so this one’s an easy answer. Handmade is clearly better, one-of-a-kind, and makes an extra-special gift. Plus, your item is custom-made, just for your recipient. Plus, it’s handcrafted in the USA.

This shaving kit lasts a long time.

Remember earlier — like, 5 sec. ago — when I said you need to replace a shaving kit for men every so often? Yeah, well, forget about that with this durable, well-built bag. According to the shop, “it is made to last for generations and go with you wherever you travel”. It isn’t another bag you’ll be replacing in a year, that’s for sure.

This is a durable shave kit.

This is the best shave kit for men based on durability because it offers lasting wear, made with a water-resistant exterior and interior. It also has durable waterproof waxed canvas, premium Horween leather, and a water-resistant nylon liner. The liner means you won’t have any accidental spills go through to your other luggage (like that shaving cream explosion of 2010 or the new faec wash that leaked all over your favorite t-shirt).

It will keep you organized.

You know when you’re rifling through a bag trying to find that pair of tweezers? Well, you won’t have to do that anymore. This is the best shave kit for him to stay organized, as it has something other toiletry bags do not: an interior slip pocket and ample room to neatly pack your stuff.

There are also expandable options for this men’s shave kit, with your choice of one to three fully lined pockets for more room.

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Your shave kit can be personalized.

We just can’t name this the best shaving kit for men if it DIDN’T have the ability to be personalized, now could we? The monogramming on this bag makes it look extra-special for gifting. This is the best shave kit for him that offers front leather monogramming (the monogram is heat-stamped on the front leather card holder) or on the side leather strap.

Customers love it.

See for yourself: this is highly-rated among customers.

You can put more gifts inside.

Don’t leave it empty! Make this the best shave kit by adding ADDITIONAL gifts inside as a surprise. Here are five things to put inside a men’s shave kit. These are all from my fave men’s toiletry co, Duke Cannon. There’s really no one better, IMO.

Hot Shave


Shaving gel that gets warm when you lather it? Oh, yes! Sounds luxurious to me. Put this travel-sided shave gel inside the dopp kit. Available here.

buy here

Cooling After-Shave Balm

I know what you’re thinking, but yep: you warm up with the hot shave then coooooooool it down afterward with this balm. :) I’ve stolen this from Andrew before, that’s how good it smells. Get it here.

buy here

Face Wash

This face wash is one of the best Andrew has ever used. Period. It’s great to put a face wash inside a toiletry kit. It’s a shave kit for him, but it’s not limited to only shave-related things, since he’ll be putting all his toiletries inside it. This face wash is a great product. Shop here.

buy here

Big Lip Protectant

Ok, so guys get chapped lips too, but they don’t really want to use your fave lip balm, even if — or maybe especailly if! — it is beeswax flavored or has mint in it. Guys need this BIG powerful lip balm, probably the only one they’ll ever have to buy because it seems to last forever in our household! Buy it here.

buy here

Big Soap

This giant bar of soap is their signature product and you better get one because it’s awesome. There are many kinds from which to choose in scents like bourbon or beer soap, campfire, fresh-cut pine, leaf and leather, midnight swim, or even scents like, “Victory”. It’s truly the best soap for the best shaving kit for men. Shop here.

buy here

It’s on sale right now.

This is your best bet for a shaving kit on sale, too! It’s currently at 15% off for a limited time at the time of publication. Click here to shop directly now!

Hope it helps on your quest for the best shaving kit for him. It is a great gift for Father’s Day, makes a unique groomsmen gift, as a present for the groom — anyone, anytime.

Ready to get yours? Get the best men’s shaving kit here from ClarkandTaft!

Happy Planning!


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