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Father of the Bride Gift Ideas? – Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! Happy Thursday! We love all of your wonderful Ask Emmaline questions that keep rolling in! Today we’re sharing the latest question from bride-to-be, Veronica. She asks,

“I’m getting married in January and I’m looking for wedding party gifts. I am planning to get my parents’ gifts, too, but I have no idea what to get for my dad. Do you have any father of the bride gift ideas he might like? Thank you!”

Father of the Bride Gifts

Hi, Veronica! Wonderful question! A gift for the father of the bride is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and honor your dad on your wedding day. If you asked him, your dad would probably tell you that walking you down the aisle or sharing your Father / Daughter dance together is a gift enough, but we also found a few cute gift ideas that will make him smile (and cry a few happy tears). Read on to see our handpicked father of the bride gift ideas!

1. Cuff Links

A pair of cuff links is a beautiful gift idea for dad because he can wear them the day of your wedding. He’ll always have a special pair of cuff links to wear when he gets dressed up and they’ll remind him of you. Plus, with cute phrases like, “Of all the walks we’ve ever taken, his one is my favorite” or “I’ll always be your little girl”, you can’t help but love them! By Over the Moon Bridal.

father of the bride cuff links

by over the moon bridal

father of the bride cuff links i loved her first

by over the moon bridal

father of the bride cuff links always be your little girl

by over the moon bridal

of all the walks this is my favorite cuff links for father of the bride

by over the moon bridal

2. A personalized guitar pick

If your dad is a guitar player, he’ll love this personalized and functional gift idea. Guitar pick by Sierra Metal Design.

father of the bride personalized guitar pick

3. Custom stamped fishing lures

Is dad an avid fisherman? He’ll love keeping this sentimental fishing lure in his tackle box. By C and T Custom Lures.

ill always have fishing with dad

by here

love you daddy fishing lure

by here

first man that caught my heart fishing lure

by here

4. A personalized tie bar

This one is by Tag You’re It Jewelry.

love you papa tie bar

by tag you’re it jewelry

5. This beautiful poem

Aww, this is sweet! By The Vow Sheffield.

to my dad poem

6. Or, write your own poem (or sweet message) inside a card

This one is by Love in an Envelope.

by here

7. Tie patch with your photo

Last but not least… my favorite choice: a tie patch with your photo! By SewHappyGirls.

via here

These are just a few of our favorite gift ideas to inspire you! You can find more in The Marketplace. P.S. Dad would REALLY love it if you pick out a great song with him for your first dance; walk with him down the aisle; and spend a few minutes chatting with him before the big walk before the ceremony. :)

Hope these help!


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