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Jewelry for Sister-in-Law Bridesmaid Gift? – Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

What kind of jewelry makes a good new sister in law gift for wedding day gift exchanges? We’ll tell you! Subscribe now for the latest to your inbox.

Bride-to-be Elisa wrote to us with a question about picking out the perfect bridesmaid gift for her soon-to-be sister-in-law. She says,

“Dear Emmaline, I’m picking out bridesmaid gifts and I am completely stumped on one of my girls, Carrie… she’s my future sister-in-law and we’re not very close yet. We get along great, but we just haven’t really had that much time to get to know each other as much as my other bridesmaids. I want to get her a gift she will like but I don’t want to mess up on style. Do you have any suggestions for jewelry that is great for everyday wear she might like? She wears jewelry a lot so I know she likes it and mostly in silver tones (but she also wears gold sometimes). Any help for a sister-in-law gift she will love?”

Hi Elisa! Great idea: jewelry is a perfect gift for your new sister in law. I like that you included her jewelry preference (mostly silver tones versus gold), as it makes picking out the style a lot easier — silver vs. gold is half the battle! Your email included such a sincere question and I think many brides find themselves in a similar situation. You’re picking out gifts for members of your wedding party, many of whom include family members of your spouse that will soon be a part of your family, too. But it’s not always easy to pick a gift when you aren’t as close (yet!) as you may be with other members of your wedding party. And I wholeheartedly love that you care so much about picking a gift she’ll love, which shows just how lucky she is to be gaining a new sister like you!

To help you pick the perfect versatile sister in law gift, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tried-and-true jewelry pieces. If you see one that looks like her style, just click on the photo and you can find out more from the artist directly on their shop (or other similar styles by the artist who designed it). And hopefully one of these finds will be the perfect gift for Carrie. Fingers crossed we have a home-run today with one of these!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Jewelry Sister In Law Gift

1. This “I Gained A Sister” Cuff Bracelet

This sweet bracelet is sure to bring a tear to her eye: it reads, “When I Married Your Brother, I Gained A Sister”. By ThatJewelryPlace.

buy here

2. This personalized pendant necklace with birthstone charm

When is her birthday? Add an extra dose of personalization with 1) her initial on a pendant, and 2) her birthstone on a charm. This piece is beautiful for everyday wear. And, hey, who doesn’t love her initial on jewelry? By Ava Hope Designs.

initial necklace for bridesmaid sister in law with birthstone charm and personalized initial pendant

via here

3. This sister-in-law cuff bracelet

The cuff bracelet itself is beautiful, but wait until you see what is engraved inside: “On the day of the wedding, our families will blend, / you’ll be my sister and also my friend.” Awwww. By DandLDesigns4U.

jewelry sister in law bridesmaid gift bracelet

via here

customized wine glasses

4. This bangle bracelet in silver for your sister-in-law

A bangle bracelet like this can have charms added to it later. Love it! By SM Made.

sister bangle bracelet

via here

5. This sister necklace in Morse code


Super cool: these free-moving beads spell out SISTER in morse code on a petite necklace she can wear daily. Plus, it goes with everything. By Verse Shop.

sister necklace and card gift morse code

via here

6. This beautiful jewelry box

I know you mentioned jewelry — but have you considered a jewelry box? It’s a great way to package a jewelry gift or hold her favorite pieces. Plus, it’s personalized with her initial on the front and features a really sweet engraved note inside. Take a look! By Susabellas.

round jewelry box with initial on top for sister in law gift wedding

sisters by marriage jewelry box

via here

7. This silver bar necklace with your future sister-in-law’s name or initials

You can never go wrong with a bar necklace. This piece is perfect for layering with other necklaces and pairing with a tee and jeans! By CapsulJewelry.

via here

8. This gold pearl bracelet

It is a beautiful and elegant piece which can be worn everyday or on special occasions. By Vintage Stamp Jewels.

gold bangle bracelet with pearl

via here

P.S. I’m obsessed with that Joy necklace, too! You can see it here.

So, how did we do? Did we help you find the perfect future sister-in-law gift?

Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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