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How To Display Cupcakes at a Wedding (Like a Pro)

by Emma Arendoski

If you’re wondering how to display cupcakes at a wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Cupcakes served instead of cake, or in addition to, are a big trend that continues to be popular for the 2021 wedding season. But many couples wonder how to display cupcakes properly so guests can easily take a cupcake without, ya know, knocking it all over. So, today we’re telling you where to find cupcake stands for wedding receptions so you know exactly where to place them for maximum effect. :)

Because without them, just imagine: cupcakes in a tower, or on a table flat, with frosting smushed when guests reach over to grab their favorite flavor or even worse, a tower of cupcakes tumbling down. Yikes!

Instead, it easy and inviting for guests by displaying wedding cupcakes on a durable cupcake stand. We have a few examples to show you today in three unique styles: rustic, modern, and elegant.

Then, we’ll show you how to display cupcakes with a small wedding cake at the top, perfect for your cake-cutting.

Let’s take a look!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Wedding Cupcake Stands

1. 3-Tier Rustic Cupcake Stand

Handmade by RodgerDodgers, this unique cupcake stand has 3-tiers of cupcake stand goodness. It is made of wood and has a natural, earthy look to it. This is the perfect way to display cupcakes at a rustic wedding.

cupcake stands for weddings

by rodger dodgers

2. Modern Light-Up Cupcake Holder

Light up the stand with this cool LED version cupcake holder for weddings. The cupcake stand is made with acrylic for a one-of-a-kind style that fits into any decor. Great for modern or minimalist weddings. By YestBuyStore.

by yestbuystore

3. Elegant White Cupcake Stand

This tower is perfect for any wedding theme and is made of white wood, but in a shiny finish to look elegant and traditional. By KerzeeDecor.

wedding cupcake stands

by kerzeedecor

customized wine glasses

How to Display Cupcakes And Cake on the Same Stand

If you’re serving cupcakes but still want to cut the cake, pick a cupcake stand that has room for a cake at the top. This is a clever idea! By Jusalpha, get it here.

by jusalpha

For a rustic wedding, you might prefer this wood option by RusticWishesCo.


by rustic wishes co.

After you’ve decided how you’ll display the cupcakes on a stand, you’ll need to add a few things: a cupcake sign to let guests know they can take one, cute plates, and of course, a cupcake flavors sign, if there is more than one type.

by foryourparty

Wedding Cupcake Sign

All you need is love and a cupcake! True words and adorable sign by DarlingDoodleCo.

by darling doodle co.

Cupcake Flavors Sign

Cute! And efficient: all the flavors are editable on this printable sign. Just frame and place! By WillowTreePaperie!

by willow tree paperie

And if you want guests to take cupcakes home to-go, try these cupcake favor boxes.

Hope it helps!


1 comment

1 comment

Asheville Wedding Photographer December 22, 2020 - 12:41 pm

Basically, the idea is to make your cupcakes look like one whole cake! Being able to grab the individual cupcakes from the side is very helpful as no one is responsible for cutting the cake.


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