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How to Stay Warm at Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! Today we’re talking about how to stay warm at your wedding. If you’re planning a fall or winter wedding, or perhaps are expecting low temperatures (or rain!) in the spring or summer, here is some helpful advice.

In the latest wedding planning podcast episode, we’re covering everything you need to know about how to stay warm at a wedding, how to keep guests warm, and how to make sure your bridal party is cozy for photos and your wedding day.

You can listen here and read the following planning tips to help. :)

Tips to Keep Warm at Your Wedding

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Whether you’re the couple getting married or the wedding guest, staying warm at a wedding is very important, especially in the fall and winter months.

Being comfortable in any season is important as a guest, something that engaged couples should always keep in mind when planning their wedding (especially in hot humid months or cold icy months). Whether you’re providing cheap sunglasses or bottled water for a summer ceremony or giving blanket favors to guests in the cooler months, considering the comfort of your guests is a priority. If your guests are comfortable, your wedding will be a great one — people will eat, drink, and be merry (and dance all night long).

If your guests are wet from the rain, cold, or uncomfortably hot, they won’t stay long. They may stay until the cake cutting or dinner, but then they’ll head home. But if your guests are cozy inside a heated tent, stand outside a roaring fire, have a blanket to wrap around their shoulders, or are comfortable inside a warm ballroom with all the spiced cider or hot coffee they can enjoy, they’ll dance the night away!

Here are some tips on how to stay warm at weddings for the bride, bridesmaids, and guests.

1. Stay warm at your wedding with a bridal cover-up / jacket / cozy shawl / etc.

Don’t settle for a style you don’t love because it’s the cold months (i.e. a wedding dress with long sleeves, extra-long length, or heavy fabric) just to stay warm. Instead, choose a gown you love and then add a topper, add sleeves to your wedding gown with this, or a bridal cover-up to increase warmth (without impacting the look of your dress).

Some of the most popular bridal cover-ups, wraps, jackets, and shawls are listed below to inspire you. I can’t get enough of the leather jackets this season! The fur shawls, too, are a classic choice; and one of our favorite resources for how to stay warm at your wedding is the crochet shawl. They’re beautiful for winter!

Bridal Coat

We found a beautiful cozy bridal coat to keep you warm at EdelweissBride.

Bridal Sweater

This warm bridal sweater/bolero is a perfect option for a winter wedding! I love this style. By FlowerArtBySandra.

Crochet Wedding Shawl

This crochet-knit bridal shawl is perfection! By ElegantKnitting.

Lace Cape

An elegant, beautiful cape for the bride! By GibsonBespoke.


These beautiful faux fur shawls are by Sissily Designs.

customized wine glasses

Blanket Scarves

These beautiful plaid scarves are a beautiful blanket-style and can be monogrammed. By Where To Get.

Faux Fur Stole

Wear a cozy winter stole to stay nice and warm! By Beautilicate.

Leather Jacket

This bride leather jacket is a great way to stay warm at your wedding and look stylish! By TheBrodieBride.

Denim Jacket

Wear a trusty denim jacket, it gets even better with more wear! :) By DearlyThreaded.


2. Keep Bridesmaids Warm at Your Wedding

To stay warm at your wedding, consider giving your bridesmaids pahminas to be as cozy as possible during photos, and perhaps during chilly outdoor ceremonies.


These elegant scarves are affordably priced — right now you can snag them for UNDER $5 each! (That’s pretty amazing.) See the huge selection here.

You can get the tags and pashminas here.

In addition, these scarves will keep your guests warm. Put them in a basket at your ceremony or reception in a basket with a tag or a sign that reads, “To have and to hold, in case you get cold”.

You can also keep bridesmaids warm behind the scenes at getting ready / hair + makeup with these sherpa blankets by ShopAtBash. You can get them monogrammed; they make great gifts!

And their feet in these cozy socks! By ThePaisleyBox.

Don’t forget another ption: warm wedding slippers! By YadiMercier.

And gift your bridesmaids with pajamas, flannels, or these cozy sherpa robes! I call the red and black buffalo plaid one! So cute. By Just Love.

3. Keep Guests Warm at Weddings

To keep your guests warm, try these tips at your wedding.

Add Lots of Lighting

Candles at wedding tables and extra lighting provide added warmth and coziness to your space. As one example, a lighted wall will make your reception instantly warmer, just by providing a romantic ambiance and glow. By SupplyFlora.

Grab Umbrellas for Rain

See the selection of umbrellas here for you; get umbrellas in bulk for guests at your ceremony (cheap!)

Use All Walls/Enclosures of Your Reception Tent

Get a tent that is fully enclosed to keep the heat in and the dampness or cold air out.

Provide Cozy Bulk Blankets for Guests

Give guests a basket of blankets or give individual blanket favors to take home. Here are a few places to buy blankets to keep your guests warm.


stay warm at your wedding

buy here

stay warm at your wedding

buy here

Rent Tent Heaters

Always rent heaters for your tent if possible, especially if your weather is projected to be 50 degrees or less (or your wedding forecast calls for rain). Ask your tent vendor how many heaters they recommend and placement options.

Use an Outdoor Fireplace or Plan a Bonfire

If your venue has an outdoor fireplace, embrace it! Add a basket of cozy blankets nearby and invite guests to enjoy the outdoor space. If you’re planning a summer or fall wedding (and your venue allows), have a bonfire. Plan on having plenty of seating around the bonfire and provide fun snacks, like s’mores and sticks for marshmallow toasting.

Provide Warm-Up Drinks

A coffee bar, tea bar, or hot cider bar will keep guests warm and also bring in additional cheer for the season! If planning a wintry wedding, your coffee bar can have thematic flavors like pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha cream; add whipped cream and nutmeg topping for added flavor.

A spiced cider bar can be a fun touch for the fall; tea works anytime!

Keep the Groom Warm

No cold feet here! ;) Grab him these cold feet socks to keep any nervousness at bay. ;) By GroomSocks.

buy here

Keep Groomsmen Warm

And last but not least… heed Andrew’s advice from the podcast and give groomsmen hand warmers in extreme cold. It will keep their hands warm during those long wintry wedding photo shoots. :)

And there you have it: the best tips + ways to keep warm at a wedding! Add your own tips in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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