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Top 10 Beauty Tips for the Bride — 3 Months Before

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! Ever since I can remember, I (Emma here!) have loved trying out new beauty tips, tricks, and secrets. I’ve been known to concoct my own at-home beauty experiments trying out home remedies like honey, brown sugar, and coconut oil to get shiny hair and glowing skin. Or egg yolks for an at-home face masque. And I’m always looking to try the next hot new mascara (this one is considered the best one with over 20k reviews, crazy!), eyeliner, beauty brick, or makeup tutorial to try. Today, I’m rounding up eight of my favorite new DIY beauty tips for the bride 3 months before the wedding including a special video that shows you how to achieve a perfect DIY bridal makeup look. This will give you time to practice and perfect it in time for any wedding parties before the big day. Read on to find out the best DIY beauty tips for brides + enjoy!

Beauty Tips for Brides 3 Months Before the Wedding

3 months before your wedding, do these things to get that glowing bridal glow!

1. Exfoliate your lips and skin.

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Exfoliating your lips and your face is probably something not high on your list of to-dos, but it should be. Your wedding makeup will glide on better, last longer, and look its best if you have a good foundation of exfoliated lips and skin. You can use this multi-pack of lip exfoliators and face brushes that work great. Try it with a lip exfoliant like this lip scrub which is quite popular! By MelaWinninCosmetics.

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Or this sugary scrub in a jar by WildWomanOnFire.

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For your face, use a silicone brush or this skin exfoliator from Olay. I have one and LOVE it. It always makes my skin feel super soft.

And if you’re in the mood for seriously amazing skin treatments, I swear by this two-part microdermabrasion treatment from Olay. I bought this and tried it a while back and used EVERY SINGLE bit of it. I actually need to get more. It tingles and lets you know its working; my skin looks best when I’m using this stuff. Follow it up with a great moisturizer and only do it 2x a week. (I use this moisturizer, but you can use anything you like best.)

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2. Start a new skincare habit.

Two of the easiest things you can do for your skin 3 months before the wedding that will make a BIG difference costs next to nothing and is so easy: drink LOTS of water and ALWAYS remove makeup and wash your face before bed. I always recommend these remover wipes because they’re gentle on my own skin and they always take off even the most stubborn mascara.

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3. Whiten your teeth.

Whiter teeth are a must for your wedding! I’ve tried at-home whitening strips before but I always have super-sensitive teeth. People are talking about this new teeth whitening kit that has a booster light (it actually connects to your Smartphone) and is backed by dentists. I haven’t yet tried this one myself, but the LED light looks interesting! Check it out here.


4. Apply a foot exfoliator.

Raise your hand if you need a good, deep-exfoliating treatment on your feet! I know I could use one. You can concoct your own sandal foot mask with easy-to-find ingredients in your kitchen. If you prefer, you can do a foot peel mask which sounds relaxing. I also swear by getting rid of calluses on the bottoms of my feet with this rechargeable foot file. It’s awesome and I use it once a month at LEAST.

After any kind of exfoliating — lips, face, skin, feet — you need a solid moisturizer. I like this one by Gold Bond.

5. Plan ahead for your manicure and pedicure.

One of the best beauty tips for brides 3 months before the wedding? Take great care of your nails before your manicure and pedicure. You’ll likely be taking care of your nail polish and primping a week before the wedding (and these are the best nail tips for weddings). But before that, avoid acrylic nails, overdoing it on the polish, or stripping your natural oils from your nails until you’re ready for a nourishing manicure. Your nails will look better and be healthier if you’re giving them time to “breathe” in-between nail salon visits.

I know I keep talking about moisturizing here, but your hands are another place to not avoid — your hands will look smoother and glowing in photos! You probably already have a favorite hand cream; I use this one, which is also good for your cuticles.

6. Nail down an easy makeup tutorial.

3 months before the wedding, you’ll be gearing up for many bridal festivities: the shower, bachelorette party, dress fittings, etc. It would be a dream to be camera-ready for them all, but who has a pro makeup artist at the ready? For your wedding day, a professional makeup artist is a must, but for other parties, you can learn how to do it yourself and feel your best. Check out this helpful “no makeup” makeup look to help.

7. How to Naturally Remove Blackheads

Pesky blackheads – who needs ’em? Get rid of them quickly with this natural tutorial.

I also swear by these pore strips and this blackhead clearing scrub, made with Tea Tree oil.

8. Get rid of your mustache.

Hey, now, we all get ’em! If you don’t think YOU get one, you might need to look very close in the mirror because you just might have a little mustache growing. And no one may want to tell you! That’s what one reviewer talked about in her hilarious and true review of these face razors. You can use them all over your face and remove peach fuzz and mustache hair quickly and painlessly. These are amazing… and cheap! I know the name Tinkle sounds funny, but so many people swear by these! It is labeled for eyebrows but works great for hair of any kind on your face.

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9. Try this DIY Bridal Makeup Tutorial.

Sam from Real Techniques shares how to do your own Bridal Makeup with a set of these amazing makeup brushes to achieve the perfect look. Watch the video here.

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10. Get plenty of sleep.

Of course, the easiest thing you can do to improve your overall health and well-being — plus, bonus points for how much better your skin looks! — is adequate sleep on an awesome mattress. I love sleeping on this comfy mattress and get 8-10 hours of the best shuteye ever. I have one similar (not exact, but this is the closest I could find) of this hybrid style mattress and it is amazing! By Casper.

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What do you think of these bride beauty tips 3 months before the wedding (and even earlier, if you’d like)? Which of these tips will you be doing that you didn’t already know about? Is there a product or beauty tip you have to share? Tell us about it in the comment box below!

P.S. Now that you’ve read some helpful DIY beauty tips to try, check out: 30 Worst Wedding Makeup Mistakes to Avoid.

Happy Planning!


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