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How to Make a Jenga Guest Book

by Emma Arendoski
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Want to make a Jenga guest book for your wedding? It’s so easy! A Jenga guest book is fun for guests and even more enjoyable for you to read after your reception. We like this creative and unique alternative to a traditional guest book, especially since it hasn’t been overdone, at least not yet.

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Since this is an easy alternative and a definite crowd-pleaser, we know this idea will definitely catch on. Here’s how to make your own!

This is a recent Jenga guest book featured in this Real Wedding! Photo by BeauMonde Originals.

Jenga Guest Book

First things first, let’s talk about what a Jenga guest book really is in case you’ve never played it.

What is a Jenga guest book? Great question: a Jenga guest book is an alternative to a classic guest book. The game of Jenga is essentially made up of only wood pieces, placed three across and stacked to form a tower. Each person playing takes a turn trying to remove one individual Jenga piece from the tower without knocking it over. Eventually, someone knocks it over by pulling the wrong wood piece and the stack falls over — JENGA! I think that’s what people yell. That’s what I yell when it happens, and I am usually the culprit. ;)

The game looks like this, and it is honestly pretty nerve-wracking to play, but fun nonetheless.

jenga guest book

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Okay, so you get the jest of the game… and now let’s turn it into a guest book! Instead of signing on lined pages inside a book, each wedding guest is invited to sign on a game piece, a rectangular piece of wood. You will enjoy reading signatures, memories, and fun stories written by your guests after the wedding on your first newlywed-hosted game night or a date night, just the two of you.

The Jenga game pieces will look something like this when signed. You can buy this tumbling tower guest book from here. It comes with this great personalized box, too!

via midnight confetti

I imagine figuring out how to make a Jenga guest book for your own wedding is pretty self-explanatory, but we have a few specific items in mind. The markers make all the difference, and a sign with easel will make your guest book really stand out and make an impression on your guests.


You will need…

Jenga blocks / pieces

You will want one block per guest. A set comes with 54 blocks. You can buy here for cheap, only about $10 each set.

these ultra fine-point permanent markers

These markers are ideal for writing on many surfaces, especially wood; they won’t smudge or rub-off and they dry quickly when writing.

• this tabletop easel

Also grab this sign:

• this sign (by Woodland Custom Design)

This sign is helpful in instructing your guests to write a memory or fun story of the couple.

jenga guest book sign via here

How to Set Up Your Jenga Guest Book

1. Place the easel on a side table at your reception to display signage.

Make sure the table is easily accessible, preferably near the entrance so guests will see it upon entering. Also, you’ll want to ensure the area is well-lit so guests can see their work.

2. Unwrap the Jenga boxes and place the pieces in towers/stacks on the table for guests to grab.

If you prefer, you can just stack the pieces in low-piles or spread out on the table.

jenga guest book

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3. Make sure to place a few markers on the table.

You will definitely want to use the markers suggested or guests will have sloppy, smudge-y, and the signatures won’t last on the wood. I swear by those markers on almost every project I do! Ideally, you should place five markers on the table in case any markers run out of ink or multiple guests want to sign the pieces at the same time.

jenga guest book

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4. Provide a basket for pieces to be placed in after signing.

Guests will have a specific place to put their signed pieces when finished signing. I suggest something like this wire basket, since it looks nice and is under $10. It is helpful to encourage your bridesmaids to sign your Jenga guest book first and place completed pieces in the basket; other guests will follow.

And that’s it! It really is that easy to make it yourself. Your guests will love helping you “build memories” of your wedding day as they leave well-wishes and signatures on your Jenga guest book.

Are you making a Jenga guest book?

Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


P.S. Want a GIANT tower of Jenga for guests to play during cocktail hour or as lawn games before dinner? Great idea.

To get in on the giant Jenga fun, buy it here. Warning: it’s GIGANTIC and not recommended for small children (recommended for ages 12+), as it will really tumble and the pieces can be heavy. Just as a forewarning!

Look how huge: it stacks up to 5 feet tall! In the example above, they’re likely using two sets, as we haven’t found a single set stacking taller than five feet.

jenga guest book

buy here

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