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Personalized Key Holder for Newlyweds

by Emma Arendoski

Want to stop misplacing your keys? Do you keep putting down your keys and forgetting where you left them? Today we’re showing you how to stop losing your keys once and for all, and it’s still wedding-related, promise!

Allow me to segway. :)

How to Stop Losing Your Keys:  Key Holder Sign

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It’s one thing to misplace your own keys, but misplacing your spouse’s keys or losing both sets of keys is another!

I used to lose my keys all the time. I typically would shove them into my coat pocket and look around all over the place, only to realize… um yeah, they’re in my pocket.

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That’s almost as bad as looking for your sunglasses when they’re on top of your head (but admit it, you’ve done that, too!)

Other times I toss them on the counter and they get hidden under papers, receipts, coins, etc.

But when we moved into our new house a few years ago, I figured out the ridiculously easy thing I was missing. Here’s how to stop losing your keys, thanks to one very simple decoration piece.

How to Stop Losing Your Keys

When we moved in, there was a key holder on the wall. It was very small, didn’t take up much room, and had these tiny little hooks. The hooks are perfectly sized for keys and, as we found it, the perfect distance from the door where we could grab them.

Ever since I hung up the keys on the hook, I never lost my keys again. It’s sort of Marie-Kondo-esque… the keys now have a “home” so they never get misplaced.

I didn’t know it then, but I guess you could say my key holder sparks joy because it means I’m not running around or running behind looking for those darn keys.

And I think it’s helpful in marriage to know where you put your keys (or his keys) so you’re not losing them again!

So, if you want to stop losing YOUR keys, do what I do: hang them up on a dedicated key rack. I spotted this key holder sign from HangersByMae and they are amazing!

These sweet key hook signs are hand-lettered with your new last name and “established” date.

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How to Stop Losing Your Keys:  Key Holder Sign

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If you prefer, simply get the key holder sign that says, “Home Sweet Home”, or even, “Keys”.

How to Stop Losing Your Keys:  Key Holder Sign

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Simple enough, am I right? Now, my key holder doesn’t look quite as cute as this one. But once I spotted it, I couldn’t keep it to myself.


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If you need to stop losing your keys, get it now! You can find this and other key holders here.


Now, you won’t run late with your new spouse when you lose his keys ;) There’s a place for ’em to go! For other unique wedding gifts for couples, read this!

Happy Planning!


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