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Here’s How Many Wedding Registries You Should Have

by Emma Arendoski
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If you thought one wedding registry was enough, think again! According to proper etiquette, you need to register for wedding gifts at more than one place. But how many wedding registries should you have? Can you have multiple wedding registries? We’ll answer that question and other wedding registry etiquette questions in this post. Read on for the details!

TIP: The registry information should always go on your bridal shower invitations, not wedding invites.

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How Many Registries Should You Have?

Should you have one wedding registry?

Two? Is two the perfect number?

What about seven wedding registries?! Okay, now that’s way too many. :)

When you’re deciding how many wedding registries to have, the answer correlates to the number of guests you’re inviting.

How Many Guests?

The rule of thumb for how many wedding registries you should have depends on the size of your guest list.

How Many Registries Per Guest List

If you’re planning x number of guests, here’s how many wedding registries you should have.

– 50 wedding guests or less: one wedding registry

– 51-100 wedding guests: two wedding registries

– 101-200+ guests: three wedding registries

Typically, we don’t recommend couples having more than three wedding registries, as gifts then begin to get repeated on multiple lists, you’ll have a heck of a time returning things if needed, and it can get a little overwhelming.

Now, you’re probably wondering: whatever happened to one list? Why should I have more than one wedding registry, and why so many?

So, why should you register for wedding gifts at more than one place?

That’s easy! Here are two answers:

1) You can choose products you truly love, and

One reason you should have more than one wedding registry is that you can vary up the products. You might like the bedding at one place but prefer the kitchen or cooking gifts at another. Don’t settle for whatever the one store offers: register at more than one place.

For example, I know that I love the organic cotton sheets at BBB, but Target? Not so much. However, I do love the throw pillows, Magnolia-everything, and candles/home decor at Target, but at Amazon? Not the same! On Amazon, I love… see, you get the idea.

We cannot love everything from one central store. At least, I haven’t yet found someone who finds everything they want/need for a wedding registry in one place. So, varying it up is a great idea.

2) It makes it easy for guests to have more options.

If you offer more than one store, guests can have the choice of where to shop. Plus, some guests prefer shopping in-person vs. online. For instance, you’re having an Amazon registry, you may also want to have a Bed Bath and Beyond registry. Guests can then shop in-store, if they’d like, or browse online.

So now that you know how many wedding registries you should have, where are the best places to register for your wedding?

We’ve found these to be the best places to register for your wedding. I would register at these places if I were planning my wedding today.

How Much Do Wedding Registries Cost?

In case you’re wondering how much wedding registries cost, here’s the good news: they’re FREE to create! And many wedding registries offer completion discounts, percentages off, free shipping on gifts, and more special bonuses if you register with them.

Here are the best wedding registry sites and stores.

Bed Bath and Beyond

You can manage your account easily on their website. Plus, you can create a registry for free here!


What’s not to love? Most guests already shop the many items on Amazon, but now they can also shop your UNIVERSAL registry (this means you can register for anything from anywhere and list it on the same registry). You can create a free registry here.


Hello, this one’s easy: who doesn’t already have an upcoming Target run in the books? :) When wondering how many wedding registries should you have, this is always an easy answer because guests usually have a location close by, so whether they want to shop in-store and buy online (to see the quality first) or shop your registry on their next run, it’s easy to do so. Plus, they offer many products in a variety of areas for your home, bed, bath, kitchen, and more. Create a free registry here!


Have you tried Zola yet? Many couples rave about their easy registry and their wonderful products. You can create a registry here for free.


If you love a universal registry, you’ll really enjoy working with MyRegistry. They have a very comprehensive site with features you’ll love for your registry. Create one here for free!


Did you know you can create a wedding registry at Etsy? You can: it’s free here! We think everyone should have at least one of their wedding registries with Etsy; there are so many wedding registry gifts to love! (Read: 50+ Best Etsy Wedding Registry Ideas (PHOTOS)). You can get started here.


Want to register for cash? You can do so at Honeyfund. It’s easy and free to make your own registry.

Crate & Barrel

Ah, who wouldn’t love a registry at this store? I love the style and furniture, so this one is easy! Register here!

If you have any questions about how many registries you should have, let us know in the comment box below! We hope this helps you as you create your bridal registry. Have fun with it, and if you run into any problems, read 9 Wedding Registry Mistakes to Avoid plus The 20 Best Wedding Registry Gifts for 2021, along with 5 Things NOT To Put On Your Wedding Registry.

Happy Planning!


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