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5 Things NOT To Put On Your Wedding Registry

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering which things NOT to put on your wedding registry? Scared of making wedding registry mistakes? We’ve got the cheat sheet right here! Subscribe now, srsly, it’s fun + free!

Working on your wedding registry and scared you’ll screw it up? Don’t want to make wedding registry mistakes before you’ve even started?

Been there!

Emma here and if you’re registering for your wedding, chances are this is the first time you’ve ever registered for something in your life.

How weird is it, might I add, that you’re literally putting items on a list and ASKING GUESTS TO BUY THEM FOR YOU?!

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It’s a bit jarring at first, but once you get the hang of it and get comfortable asking for what you really want, it gets easier. Or, at least, it’s less awkward.

You see, first, you need to get past the feeling that you’re asking people to buy you stuff.

by old english co.

That’s sort of what a registry is — true. But it’s also designed more as a gift guide.

Guests don’t have to buy you anything at all. But they probably will, want to, and really (really!) want you to love it.

So, a registry is actually not something looked at as all “me! me! me!” and more as a helpful guide of things that Anna and Josh really like, would enjoy, and — here’s the kicker — don’t ALREADY own. (Thank goodness!)

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We’ll guide you through the weirdly fun process of registering for your wedding by letting you in on a secret: it’s kind of impossible to screw this up. ;) You got this! Just follow our guide to the 5 things NOT to put on your wedding registry and you’ll be all set.


What Not To Put On Your Wedding Registry

customized wine glasses

Here are common wedding registry mistakes couples make and how to avoid them.

1. Things on the registry that are only (and obviously) just for you.

That necklace? Yeah, it’s gorgeous. Those shoes?! You would really rock ’em. But they are just for you, so they’re deemed things not to put on the wedding registry.

Things that are better: gifts you enjoy together as a couple, pleasantries to make your house a home, etc.

wedding registry mistakes

by fahrendom


Things like kitchen gadgets and small appliances, dinnerware, pots and pans; bathroom towels and bed linens; pillows, throw blankets; kitchen rugs, bath mats, shelves; vases, artwork, etc.

I love when couples add board games to their list because they’ll play together (this game is actually really fun!), or register for experiences they’ll do together. These things also count and are great alternatives to “traditional” registry gifts.

(Exception: you love to cook, he won’t ever go near a wok. That’s ok, it counts because it’s home-related. Same as that cool BBQ grilling set or new cooler. DO IT.)

2. Don’t register for things you’ll never use — like fine china.

Some people would deny this, but I think it’s true. Save the space on your registry list for things you’ll truly use on a regular basis. Things aren’t meant to be kept “nice” and up away from reach all the time!

For the sake of argument, if you like fine china, want a few pieces, and will use it — then, by all means, add it to your registry. It’s more of a guideline for people who think they need to add china just because that’s what people do.

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via kate spade

3. Don’t add things to your registry only because they’re expensive.

There are things you’ll come across with your scanning gun (or online, it’s so easy to just click and “add to list”) that are super pricey.

Sure, you might really like the idea of a lavish present but will you really use it? If yes, and it is just one item on the list, we say add it. But if you’re adding presents to your registry for the sake of the high price tag (or, heaven forbid, so you can return it for cash — a huge no) then skip it. Save up for those things instead.

4. Don’t register for things just because they’re on a list.

When Andrew and I registered somewhere in-store, the one thing I am so glad we did was decline the offer for an associate to follow us around and “help us register”. I am a woman who knows what she wants, ha, and I don’t like being told what to put on a registry just for the sake of asking for it.

The store handed us a list of things “not to forget” but we skipped a lot of them that didn’t apply or weren’t our style. And at the end, we were happy with our list!

And I’m glad we got to experience the shenanigans of walking around and adding things to our list without a stranger hovering. Is that weird to say? I know they mean well, but sometimes you just want to go and do it yourself, you know? :)

5. Don’t just ask for cash. Or gift cards.

The purpose of a wedding registry is so people can buy you things: treasured things, items that have functionality.

Most people also know you need cash or gift cards, so they’ll give those if they decide; it’s not something you have to point out, though, and it’s considered poor etiquette to do so.

So, don’t go skimpy on your gift list and register for 3 things and then just load it up with gift cards. Truly look for things you’ll want, use, and need. Guests will appreciate it.

(And if you do want to register for cash or gift cards, do it, but in conjunction with actual gifts. For instance, you can register for nice home goods here and here, then also register here for cash/gift cards/etc. Win-win. Everyone’s happy!)

And there you have it: the things not to add to your wedding registry. See? Not so bad, is it?

Now, go gracefully with scan gun in hand and go add your dream gifts to your list! Here are some helpful suggestions, if you want!

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9 Things I Wish I Had Put On Our Wedding Registry

If you haven’t started a registry yet, I recommend Amazon’s. You can add anything from anywhere; it’s really helpful to have, and so many guests swear by the Prime 2-day shipping. :) Create a FREE Registry Here!

So, what you do think? What wedding registry mistakes would you add to our list? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Registering!


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