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How Many Wedding Gifts to Register For?

by Emma Arendoski

How many wedding registry gifts should you add to your registry? How many registry items is too many, and how few is not enough? We’ll tell you! Join the newsletter for tips to your inbox.

If you’re planning your wedding, chances are you’ve given some thought to that amazing registry list you’re building.

Or maybe you’re busy living your life and you haven’t given it much thought at all. Couples who already have everything don’t want to add “stuff” to the registry, but then realize they didn’t register for enough gifts.

Other couples are excited to add many gifts to their wedding registry, but don’t want to appear as though they expect lots and lots of gifts.

So, which is it? How many wedding gifts should you register for? We’ll tell you!

How Many Wedding Gifts to Register For?

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There’s no definite answer to how many gifts you should add on your registry. I wish there was a formula where you could add X number of guests and divide it and voila.

Instead, here’s the proper etiquette for how many items your registry should have as an approximation.

You should register for at least one gift per wedding guest on your list.

This doesn’t mean you expect each person on your guest list to buy you one present. This is because some gifts are more expensive, so a few guests may chip in and buy them together. Also, keep in mind that one gift is usually given per household, and that may be more than one item (no one is going to show up with one wooden spatula, but they may buy the wooden spatula, a few dish towels, and the cooking pan you requested).

• If you have 150 guests, register for at least 150 gifts.

• For 100 guests, add 100 gift items to your registry.

This is the easiest way to do it!

Some guests will still prefer buying gift cards or giving cash as a gift.

Not everyone will shop from the registry, as some guests prefer to give money or gift cards. And furthermore, some guests may buy non-registry wedding gifts you didn’t register for, if they know of a unique gift they think you’ll love.

There’s no rule that states they must shop from the registry, or give a gift at all — it’s a nice gesture.

Include a variety of price points on your bridal registry.

Keep in mind, your wedding registry should include a little bit of everything: the pricey vacuum, the nice china, the awesome coffee maker! But don’t forget about the simple, inexpensive things, too: the can opener, the mixing bowl, the dish towel, drinking glasses, pillowcases, etc. This is why it’s totally OK to use this formula when you’re wondering how many wedding gifts to register for; people prefer a nice variety of gifts from which to choose.

You can always add more.

And lastly, you can always add more items to your registry if needed, as you approach the bridal shower (but we recommend not peeking because it’s way more fun to open bridal shower gifts when you don’t know what is inside the boxes!)

How Many Wedding Registries Should You Have?

In addition to how many wedding gifts to register for, you should register at more than one place. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least two wedding registries and no more than three wedding registry lists.

Register at more than one place.

In addition to how many items to add to wedding registry lists, you’ll also want to consider registering at more than one place. This means you can split the amount of gifts in half: register for some of them here, the rest of them there.

Create a Free Registry to Add Your Gifts

If you haven’t created a wedding registry yet, or you’d like to have more than one, here are the places I’d register, since they have the easiest registry lists and are the most convenient for guests for shopping.

Amazon Registry

You can create a FREE registry here and add anything from ANYWHERE to it. Read: 34 Best Wedding Gifts on Amazon for our guide!

They even have a new feature: gift card funds! Check it out here.

Etsy Registry

Yes, you CAN create a wedding registry at Etsy! Need suggestions? Read: 50+ Best Etsy Wedding Registry Ideas.

Target Registry

Who doesn’t love a good Target run? I swear, guests love when you have a bridal registry here — make yours free! — because they can sneak in their own shopping :)

Bed Bath and Beyond Registry

This is my favorite place for wedding registries, especially for kitchen and bedding. Make your registry for FREE here!

Bed Bath & Beyond - Dyson Offer

We hope this helps as you add items to your registry! :)

You may also find this helpful: 5 Things to NOT Put on Your Registry. Interesting!


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