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7 Wedding Welcome Signs That Will Greet Your Guests Perfectly

by Emma Arendoski

Are you looking for wedding welcome sign ideas? You’ll find lovely choices here! These beautiful, handmade sign options are a great way to greet guests.

And when you find a place that specializes in popular wedding welcome signs with various options, you have to tell everyone about it. And by everyone, I mean all of you lovely people!

So listen up: Evergreen Design Signs offers hand-lettered wood signage you’ll go crazy over (like we did!) for your wedding and we’ll show you why.

Wedding Welcome Signs

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

wedding welcome signs - welcome to our beginning

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Some places only offer wood welcome signs. Others only offer acrylic. Few offer glass. But this shop offers all three and they’re completely handmade! Yay! We’re crazy over handmade weddings around here, in case you haven’t noticed. ;)

But first… a few tips. Why does your wedding need a welcome sign? Let’s discuss this really quickly.

Why do you need a wedding welcome sign?

If you’re wondering what this signage is for, here’s the shortlist.

A sign greets your guests and makes them feel welcome. In addition to welcome bags, a sign is a great thing to have especially when there are multiple weddings happening at once (such as a large ballroom with many separate entertaining rooms/spaces) or your venue is somewhere off the beaten path (in the mountains, on the beach, or in the woods).

Wedding signage lets your guests know — hey! you found us! — just kidding. But really, it tells guests they are, in fact, exactly where they’re supposed to be. :)

Easels for Wedding Welcome Signs

A sign looks best when it is placed at eye level for guests to see. If you lean it or prop it against something, that works (like a small table with a wall behind it), as long as the sign is up high. You really don’t want to have it at ground level, especially one of these wood signs. It’ll get missed, so the purpose is sort of defeated.


Instead, all you need is an easel. The good news? Your venue probably already has a solid one you can rent or borrow for free as part of your package. Some offer a small rental fee, but most we’ve worked with have a variety of easels available: tabletop, standing, etc. in a variety of styles. Just ask!

Buy an Easel

If they do not have one or you’re planning your wedding completely on your own, you can buy an easel to hold your welcome sign from here. I have had great luck buying easels from here, so that’s why I can recommend them. Other places to look include your local craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

customized wine glasses

Before you buy an easel, the only thing you want to ensure is it is built strong enough to hold the kind of sign you’re displaying. If you’re buying a wood welcome sign, it needs to hold more than, say, a large poster board style. But most are built pretty sturdily made, so it’s not a dealbreaker. Search some of them here.

Add some decorations to your easel with flower swag, which you’ll see in some photos below. You can buy similar floral swag here or here.

You need a wedding welcome sign and you need an easel — and some flower swag is a bonus. #StraighttothePoint :)

Let’s look at some options in the shop including wood, glass, and acrylic welcome signs. This shop has it goin’ on!


Hand-lettered wood welcome signs

The most popular option for a welcome sign is the wood style. Couples love this signage for rustic weddings and it also makes a really big, beautiful statement piece.

wedding welcome sign

Your welcome sign can say, “Welcome to our beginning” with your names and wedding date.

wedding welcome sign - welcome to our beginning

Or simply “welcome” with your names and date.

wedding welcome signs with names and date on wood

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Any design you choose, remember this: each personalized sign is COMPLETELY made by hand. It is hand-lettered, designed, shipped — totally handmade just for you! That’s what we love about this shop.

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That’s just a little inspiration on wood wedding signs; let’s check out the new acrylic wedding welcome signs.

Acrylic wedding welcome sign

This modern wedding signage has a cool look and feel; your names are hand-lettered on a clear plastic sign with your wedding date. The background of the sign can be painted in a bold color of your choosing, which really makes the white lettering pop.

acrylic wedding welcome signs

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acrylic wedding welcome signs

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Or go au naturale with acrylic wedding welcome signs with no background color — also a very beautiful option!

acrylic wedding welcome signs

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acrylic wedding welcome signs

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Glass wedding welcome sign

Have you ever seen such a lovely sign on glass? This is a new design and you can choose the style of frame to accompany it. I just adore this style!

buy here

buy here

buy here

buy here

buy here

Established family wood sign

And last but not least, perhaps your wedding welcome sign doesn’t need to be used only for your wedding. If you want a work of art you can use at your entryway of the reception AND later at home, try one of these “established” family signs near your escort cards or seating chart.

Want/need! :)

Buy wedding welcome signs here!

To browse more designs or buy anything seen here, visit Evergreen Design Signs, Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride.


Happy Planning!


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