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Here’s EXACTLY What to Include on a Wedding Website

by Emma Arendoski
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Are you wondering what to include on wedding website? More specifically, what do you include on the wedding website FAQ page? We’re answering everything you need to know about the wedding website, faq page, and more. Be sure to subscribe for free tips to your inbox!

If you’re ready to take your wedding website to the next level, make sure you include these must-haves! Today we’re sharing exactly what to include on wedding website FAQ, the pages, and the home page. We’ll help you make sure your website doesn’t lack any of the necessary wedding details your guests are looking to find.

what to include on wedding website

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But first, let’s answer something you may be wondering: why do you need to include a wedding website at all?

A wedding website is helpful to have as a resource for your guests. There are things that you cannot put on a wedding invitation, yet your guests will want to know, including but not limited to:

• Is this an adult-only event?
• Who is standing up in the wedding party?
• What’s the dress code?
• Where are you registered?
• What are some recommended hotels?
• What time does cocktail hour begin?

… etc.

Obviously, you only have so much space on your wedding invitation, and many of these topics go against standard etiquette protocol for what to include on invitations. Therefore, do the next best thing: inform guests of everything they want to know by making sure to include these items on your wedding website.

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First, you’ll need a wedding website if you don’t already have one. You can get one for free at Minted, which comes with many features and bonuses you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to add more features, you can upgrade to premium for a small fee.

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The website is accessible on mobile or desktop; you can customize colors to suit your needs.

what to include on wedding website

by geekink design

wedding website what to include

by geekink design

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Wedding Website Information to Include

As a rule of thumb, here’s EXACTLY which wedding website information to include. These are the top ten things we think every wedding website should contain.

1. Registry

Ah, the registry! This is a great asset to have on your wedding website. As someone who attends many weddings, bridal showers, etc., the first place I always go upon receiving an invitation is to the wedding website. From there, I love to see the registry and pick out a great gift (before all the best items are taken, ha!)

We discussed in the past how the wedding registry information cannot go on the invitation. However, there is nothing wrong with having a tab on your wedding website to include the registry. Include a link to one, or many, registry lists for guests to access quickly.

2. Dress Code

You can include dress code information at your wedding. You needn’t get too specific here. You don’t need to dictate exactly what guests will wear to your wedding, but to simply include something such as:

black tie

cocktail attire

casual beach attire recommended


3. Accomodations

If you have a block of hotel rooms reserved at a discount or wish to recommend a particular hotel or lodging accommodation, include it on your wedding website. Use its own separate tab for “travel” or something similar. Be sure to include the phone number, website address, and physical address of the hotel(s) so guests can easily navigate, contact, or reserve a room from your website directly.


If you opt for a wedding website with RSVP for guests, make it clearly labeled on your wedding website. Guests will be navigating to it directly and often, so make it easy to find. For this year, I think RSVP is the most popular thing to include on a wedding website because it saves so much time and paper vs traditional RSVP cards. (For more information on how this works, read: Wedding RSVP Cards vs. Online?)

5. Things to Do Around Town

Regardless of where your wedding is held — whether a destination wedding or in your own backyard — some guests will likely need to travel. You can put favorite hotspots in town, restaurants, the local coffee shop, gym, park, movie theater, grocery store, and local attractions on your wedding website for guests to enjoy during the wedding weekend.

6. Adult-Only

If you want to make it clear that your wedding will be an adult-only event, you can include a message on your wedding website.

Tread carefully here on the wording and keep it light and simple: use the words “adult-only reception” and guests won’t wonder. :)

If you’re including children at your wedding, and you plan to have some activities for guests, make it clear here, too. Guests will appreciate it! Something along the lines of, “There will be fun lawn games and activities for the kids!”

7. Wedding Party Attendants

Make your wedding crew shine! Be sure to include wedding party attendants on your wedding website outlining “who’s who”: who is the Maid of Honor and how long have you known one another? Who is the Best Man? How many bridesmaids do you have, groomsmen, and do you have a flower girl, ring bearer, or both? Include photos of your attendants and make this a special place to acknowledge how important they are in your lives.

8. Transportation / Shuttle Information

If you are offering transportation, such as a shuttle to and from the wedding, don’t forget to put it on your wedding website. This is likely one of the best things to include on a wedding website because guests will be wondering what time the shuttle will pick up and what time it will bring them back to the hotel.

9. Your Wedding Hashtag

If you have a wedding hashtag, use it! Make sure to publicize it on your website so guests can tag appropriately all the fun photos, snapshots, and memories from the big day. If you want to get a wedding hashtag custom-made for you, get creative: you can get a fun and witty hashtag made for you here!

10. Fun Details About Your Relationship

If you have engagement photos, now’s the time to put them to good use anywhere on your website! This is also a phenomenal time to share details about your relationship or your story. How and where did you meet? What is the proposal story? What do you like to do together as a couple? These are the best things to include on wedding website stories because guests want to know these things, but might not ask! ;)

This is also important because some family members or friends may not know your future spouse as well, so it’s a nice opportunity to get to know them a bit better ahead of the celebration.

Guests who want to give personal gifts might use this information on hobbies, where you live, where you met, etc. to pick out a nice gift.

What to Inclde on Wedding Website FAQ

If you wish, you can add a special tab for your wedding website FAQ. On it, include a summary of the above information and answer the questions for guests. For instance, you may include on the frequently asked questions tab, “What are some fun things to do around town?” and then answer it with a favorite restaurant you and your future spouse have tried. Bonus points for recommending a favorite appetizer or entree!

Make the FAQ page as easy to read as possible, with headings and bullet points. The wedding website faq should be a quick read on a mobile device.

I hope it helps!

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Happy Planning!


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