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Top 10 Most Beautiful Clear Invitations for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

If you’re tired of the same old invitations for weddings, get ready for something modern: clear wedding invitations! These stylish, on-trend acrylic invites are making big waves in weddings this summer and throughout the fall. Whether you want a completely minimalist style of invite or you prefer something with a floral design or pattern, we’re sharing the best clear invitations to personalize for your wedding day.

And if you’re wondering how much clear wedding invitations cost, here’s some good news: since the demand is so high, the prices have come way down for this style, depending on what kind of “extras” you add. In many ways, the cost of clear wedding invitations is similar to standard invitations, with some as low as $1.86 each or upwards, if you opt for more engraving, custom invitation boxes, vellum, wax seals, etc.

Which style is your favorite?

Clear Wedding Invitation

1. Clear Invitations with Ivory Floral Design

These stunning invites made by HappyMomentsEver are a dream come true for couples who like the clear invitation trend paired with a floral pattern. Gorgeous!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

clear wedding invitations

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2. Gold Foil Acrylic Invitation

Gold foil? Check! Clear acrylic invites? Check! One of the most in-demand styles? You bet. These clear invites by HandmadesbyTroy are a beautiful choice for any wedding theme or tone.

clear wedding invitations

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3. Clear Invites

Add a dose of elegance and style with these classy and clear wedding invitations by FavoriDesigns. I especially like the envelope it is paired with here!

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4. Lucite Invitations

We never met a lucite invitation we didn’t love, especially when it came from the amazing Mulberry Market Design. The splash of color on the background of these clear invitations make a one-of-a-kind signature element for your wedding. Matching signs are available here.

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5. Transparent Invites

customized wine glasses

Transparent wedding invitations like these can also include accents such as real foil engraving, vellum jackets and sleeves, and wax seals for a one-of-a-kind design. I love the way this sample looks! By MyLovelyStoreNY.

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6. Simple Swirls Clear Invites

A flourish-style script and clear wedding invitation background make this a beautiful choice to send to guests for formal and elegant receptions. By BasicInvite.


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7. Luxury Plexiglass Invitation in Box

Wow, these are quite the luxe invitations! I adore the boxed style and the way the design looks on this plexiglass invite. By FloraInvitation.

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8. Laser Engraved Invites

If you love laser engraved invitations, check out these clear invites from SpiritwoodCompany. They even ship for free!

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9. Rustic Flower Invitation

Planning a rustic wedding? These delicate flowers adorning a clear invitation is a nice choice. Designed by BasicInvite.

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10. Flower Design

Ah, these flowers in peach are the prettiest for summer weddings! Handmade by HappyMomentsEver.

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If you need tips on invites, read: Wedding Invitation Etiquette + Tips from A to Z.

Want to shop these styles? To buy clear wedding invitations like these, click on the image of the invite you like or the link underneath it to shop.

You’ll also find other clear invitation styles here (MANY designs) and here, where you’ll also find clear wedding invitations with RSVP.

Happy Planning!


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