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Where to Get a Beautiful Feather Purse for Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

What is the hottest bridal accessory this season, tied with the feather bridal earrings? You guessed it: the feather wedding purse! But not just any feather bag… custom, bespoke feather wedding purses handmade by Kim of Cloe Noel Designs!

It is our pleasure to showcase this amazing collection of beautiful feather purses for sale at CloeNoel, known for its stunning collection of bridal purses that last forever. These are heirloom bridal clutches for the modern era, reminiscent of what you might have found in the 1920’s era full of glitz and glamour.

You can choose from a variety of feather shades to coordinate with your wedding gown, including blush feather purse, ivory ostrich feather clutch, white feather purses, and more. I’ve always loved these styles and it’s fun to see them back again and more popular than ever!

Today we’re sharing our favorite feather purses for sale from this stunning collection. Tell us: what do you think of the bridal purse with feathers trend? What color feathers would go perfectly with your gown? Leave a comment to let us know after you see our top picks! :) Enjoy!

Photo Credit Photos by Ashley Noelle Edwards.

Feather Wedding Purses

Let’s kick off the list with the most perfect combination of feathers and flowers, all in a pretty purse!

1. Blush Ostrich Feather Flower Purse

This flower and blush ostrich feather bag features touches of pink rhinestones to give it a distinct bespoke look and feel. This bag is big enough to fit your iPhone and lip gloss, along with these important wedding day essentials. The flowers have a ton of sparkle and the blush ostrich feather makes it ultra-glamorous.

2. Ivory Ostrich Feather Purse with Rhinestones

Ahh, a stunning combination: ivory feathers and sparkly rhinestones! This lace box clutch has a style with embellishment just on the front, so it won’t catch or snag your bridal gown. With rhinestone trim and a pretty metal gold frame, this wedding purse is a stylish clutch to keep things close-at-hand and looks great in photos, too. If I had to pick just one of these purses as my wedding day clutch, it would be THIS! It coordinates with my wedding gown perfectly. :)

3. Gray Feather Purse

This light gray feather bridal purse is luxurious with soft light gray ostrich feathers, along with silver and pearl ivory crystal embellishments. There are hand-selected vintage rhinestones on the front, which gives it a custom, bespoke look.

4. Blush Feather Wedding Purse

This is another favorite of mine: I love the way Kim designed this one with the feathers scattered across the middle of the purse, softly angling to the sides; a flower and brooch are a remarkable touch on this bridal purse.

5. Rhinestone Clutch for the Bride

If feathers aren’t your thing, or you see this bag and it is exactly what you want, I hear you! Check out this completely sparkly rhinestone clutch purse for the bride; it’s a definite statement piece!

Where to Buy Feather Clutches for Sale

If you’d like to see more feather purses for sale, along with heirloom bridal clutches you can custom order, head to Cloe Noel on Etsy or Cloe Noel Designs for the full, stunning collection. Many thanks to the photographer for all of these beautiful images! Be sure to check out her work at AshleyNoelleEdwards.com.


Now it’s your turn: what do you think of feather bridal clutches?

Happy Planning!


CloeNoel is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride.

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