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Honey Wedding Favors: Under $2, In Bulk, + More!

by Emma Arendoski
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Honey wedding favors are trending and we’re here for it! Read on to find out where to buy honey favors in bulk for weddings, showers, and parties of all kinds. Plus, see how to make honey favors for weddings with easy-to-source supplies. Don’t leave without subscribing, though! :)

Hi, lovelies! What goes great with a bee themed wedding? Honey!

What tastes terrific with a tea bridal shower? Honey!

Okay, now what is a crowd-pleaser for guests of all ages? Yup, you guessed it: honey wedding favors!

Yes, honey is the big trend for spring and summer wedding favors and, thankfully, when you buy honey favors in bulk you don’t have to spend your entire budget just to have the most sought-after favor ideas of 2021.

In this comprehensive post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about honey wedding favors. Before you plop down your entire favor budget on honey, you’ll know where to buy honey favors under $2, honey favors for bridal shower or weddings complete with tags, honey favors with dippers, and more. We’re also sharing honey favors sign options, honey favors label and sticker styles, tags, how to make honey favors, and more.

honey wedding favors

by miss shelley’s here

Let’s start first with a commonly asked question: how can I display honey favors at my wedding?

How to Give Honey Favors at Weddings

If you’re giving honey favors to guests, it’s easy to set them up in two ways for giving:

Place Settings: Place a honey favor at each place setting, on top of or next to the place setting,


Favors Table: Put your honey favors on a separate table and include a simple sign that reads, “Love is sweet, please take one”, “Thanks for making our wedding day sweet as honey“, or “Favors, Please take one”. Don’t overthink it: keep it simple. :) For a collection of specific honey favor sign ideas, they make a ton of them here as one resource.

This acrylic sign is a great solution for any wedding theme. These two signs are by SweetNCCollective.

wedding favors signage

buy here

buy here

You can stack the jars or honey favor alternatives (you’ll see some mentioned later in this post) on the table, place them on three-tiered stands (like these, my fave) or you can place them inside a basket, wood box, or tin bucket (if you have a rustic theme).

This tiered tray (you may need more than one) will look great at your wedding and afterward as home decor. By Creative Co-Op.

buy here

Okay, so now you have the favors sign and you know how to set them up and display your honey favors… let’s get to where to buy honey favors near me! Or near you. The best place to get honey favors is online, due to the amazing options, affordable jars, and amazingly creative bulk honey favors for weddings and showers.

Does honey make a good wedding favor?

Not just a good one, a great one! Honey favors make excellent take-home gifts for guests they will actually use! Guests can add honey to their favorite tea, recipes, toast — anything. On our list, you’ll find how easy it is to buy honey favors with dippers, without dippers, honey jars pre-filled and with all the bells and whistles — or completely empty and ready for you to roll up your sleeves and get crafty. :)

From honey favor tags to honey stickers for jars, hexagonal jars and bottles with corks, bulk honey containers, honey pot favors, and even some honey jar alternatives, there’s a little of something sweet for EVERYONE to love! Grab a coffee and get ready to dive into the fun world of honey favors. You’ll be amazed at how creative these options are! We’re even saving you some money with bulk honey wedding favors under $2. And to top it off, most of these are honey wedding favors Etsy has to offer, so you’re also supporting small businesses along the way (yay!) That’s a win-win, we say.

Let’s get started!

Honey Favors for Bridal Shower and Wedding

These? Ooh, they’re packaged by the sweet-as-can-be Miss Shelley’s Jams and Jelly and feature a burlap or fabric top on the lid, tied with twine, and a darling label. These are great honey favors for bridal shower or weddings with many designs you can choose from, complete with labels or stickers.

buy here

via here

Here’s a charming example of honey favors for bridal shower guests!

by miss shelley’s here

Honey Bottle Jars

There’s regular jars, and then there are these unique jars by JRBeeFarm. They are filled with honey sourced by a local beekeeper and poured into these favor-ready jars for giving to guests.

honey wedding favors

buy here

Prefer hexagonal honey jars? They’ve got ’em, too! No label necessary; they look awesome as-is. By JRBeeFarm.

honey wedding favors

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And they also have honey bears! How cute are these?! For more details, visit the listing.

honey wedding favors

buy here

Rustic Honey Favors with Dipper

Cute! I love the wrapped twine and the dipper with burlap top. Perfect for an outdoor, barn, or rustic wedding. By KozyKabinCorfu.

buy here

Honey Wedding Favors DIY

These honey favors are one part buy, one part DIY! The result: adorable, even if you’re a beginner! Feeling crafty? You can get the honey wedding favors diy kit from Beaucoup and see these mini jars come to life. You don’t even need to add your own local honey: it’s already in the jar for you. Just add the labels, tie the honeybee charms with the enclosed ribbon, and add your label. Easy-peasy.

Buy Bulk Honey Wedding Favors

Don’t have a local source? You can buy honey in bulk here. The honey comes in a huge container and is highly-rated. It is sourced from Florida and has a citrusy taste to it. Two flavors available here.

buy here

You can also buy bulk honey for wedding favors from TheHoneyJarHome, also wildly popular!

buy here


Ready for jars? Sure thing! Use one of these to keep things less sticky and messy. ;)

buy here

If you want just the jars, all personalized and with no DIY fuss, you can get them here. They’re sweet mini honey wedding favors with your choice of custom label and design. These are suitable for any wedding theme.

buy here

Honey Favors with Sunflowers

Planning a sunflower-themed wedding? Give these honey jars with dippers and sunflowers to the mix! By BelensShop.

buy here

Honey Wedding Favors Under $2

If you’re looking for affordable options, you can get mini honey bears filled with your choice of orange blossom, Brazilian pepper, or spring wildflower direct from TownsendHoneyFarm. These are honey wedding favors under $2 at only $1.90 each in a set of 10. If you’re looking for honey wedding favors in bulk, they can accommodate your request and they welcome bulk honey favors here.

get them here

Bulk Honey Favors

Want to buy honey wedding favors in bulk? You can inquire for small or large sized orders (e.g. 200 honey wedding favors) from BuzzandHive. These are adorable!

buy here

Colorado Honey Favors

This honey is from Colorado and looks amazing in these stylish jars. By HunneeBMarket. Many sizes of jars available! I love the way these tags look, too — they’re so modern!

see them here

Honey Wedding Pot Favors with Dipper

These aren’t filled with honey, but they’re still as cute as can be! These hold your guests’ favorite honey at home and comes with a sweet honey dipper. By Beaucoup.

buy here

Honey Favor Alternatives

What can I give as honey wedding favors that ISN’T a honey jar? If you don’t want to give a jar of honey as a favor, there are other alternatives that will bee just as sweet. Here are some creative examples.

Honey Soap Favors

Honey soap favors like these, handmade by The Charming Frog to tie into your bee themed wedding.

via here

Also loving these honey soap favors, packaged so sweetly! You can add a tag to them, too. By ButtercupGoods.

buy here

And these! These soaps are a great alternative and are also a wonderful bulk honey favor for weddings: they’re sold in a bundle of 20 and they look amazing. Made with honey and oatmeal. By NewEnglandCraftery.

buy here

Honey Sticks

For another choice of honey favors under $2, try these Meant To Bee honey sticks! They’re handmade by PlainJane2424.

buy here

Tea and Honey

Give these small vials of honey with tea in cute pre-packaged boxes by AproposRoasters! Love this combination, especially for a bridal shower.

buy here

Honey Lip Balms

These lip balms are made with raw honey and beeswax! It is a great alternative to honey jars by MessnerBeeFarm.

buy here

Honey Tea Spoons

Great for a bridal shower or luncheon! These sweet honey tea spoons are perfect as favors. By MySpanishRose.

buy here

Honey Caramel Candy Favors

One word: YUM! By LaVacheMicrocreamery.

buy here

Honey Lollipops

You can get these tasty honey lollipop favors from CPSweets:

buy here

Honey Tea Spoons

Want to nix the jar? Go for a tea spoon instead! These are delightfully handcrafted by MyBeautifulLifeSoaps.

via here

Bulk Honey Candle Favors

These are a great way to give honey favors in bulk for weddings: they’re sold in bulk order sizes (50, 100, 125). By ItsHoneyCandle.

buy here

Vegan Honey

Want a bee-free option? You can get vegan honey from here.

available here

How to Make Your Own Wedding Jar Favors

Are you ready to get crafty? Read on for tips on making your own honey wedding favors in bulk.

If you want to buy honey wedding favors for guests in bulk, here’s how to do it at the best price.

buy here

You can get a honey wedding favor DIY kit from HeroFiber that includes:

• the jars of honey (already pre-filled, kosher, and with o/u certification)


honey dippers


bee charms (so cute!)

Reviewers add these helpful craft products to make it easier:

glue adhesives

It includes everything you need for 72 favors and is UNDER $90. That’s an amazing deal, giving you honey wedding favors under $2 (with just a little bit of elbow grease!) :) Get yours here.

This kit is wildly popular for anyone who wants to get crafty and make their own honey wedding favors, but it’s also highly rated by brides who have purchased and used these jars at their weddings. You can read reviews about it here.

Or if you are buying honey wedding favors without the bells and whistles (e.g. tags, twine, stickers, labels, jar fabric, etc.) and want to add them on, here are some helpful resources to make your favors look complete.

Honey Jar DIY: All you need to do is add the honey jars to this DIY kit! It comes with burlap for the lids, dippers, twine, and little bumblebee charms. Get it here.

buy here

Honey tags for favors: Add these sweet tags to your jars with a bit of ribbon. By BWPaperStudio.

buy here

Love these by 2birdstone:

get them here

These wooden tags are amazing! They’re created with a honeycomb style. By XCaliburInk:

buy here

Loving these sweet honeybee tags by OrangeUmbrellaCo:

buy here

Or these tags from Dreammints:

buy here

And last but not least, these colorful yellow honeybee tags by FancyCelebration.

buy here

Prefer stickers? Here are cute Meant to Bee favor stickers by Dreammints:

buy here

Or these also from the these and these styles.

• Buy bulk honey dippers to pair with jars: You can get honey dippers in bulk in a mini-size, perfect for giving with your favors from Lawei.

buy lawei

And if you want to make your own jars, source bulk honey for wedding favors from a local beekeeper, farm, or local farmer’s market, you can fill them in these highly-rated hexagonal jars. By Plastisol.

buy here

P.S. We also found these cute hand sanitizer favors: “bee safe”! By Theme Parties via Zazzle.

buy here

Phew! That’s a lot of honey wedding favor ideas!

What do YOU think of these? Are you stuck on honey wedding favors like we are? :) For more honey favors you can DIY, browse these crafty supplies. For stickers or labels, try here.

Where to Buy Honey Wedding Favors in Bulk

To shop many of these great options, here are the best places to buy honey wedding favors in bulk:

Southern Jams and Jelly





Happy Planning!


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